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by - Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello everyone, it's Sunday and I'm up for some short stories! Without further ado, let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, AJ that I have always admired for her talent in writing stories, especially her short stories which often left me breathless.

So when AJ decided to interview me (which I admit, it was a huge surprise) I wanted to thank her and also help her promote her stories! Therefore I had asked her if I could post one of her work and she had kindly agree! (It made my day!)

Let me present you with............

Opposite World

Crimson Reynolds is in love with Skye Langston, and she with him. They both know they're in love. So what's the problem? They could get arrested if they were to act on these feelings.

Their world is quite unlike our own.In fact, it's the complete opposite. Where they live, same sex relationships are the norm. People there shun anyone who dares to fall in love with the opposite sex. They teach their children at an early age not to befriend someone so different. The problem has gotten so bad, that it is illegal to do so.

Law states that if a man and a woman are to fall in love, they and their friends are to be immediately incarcerated.


Can we talk after school? Maybe at the old abandoned church house?

When Crimson read the note Skye had just passed him, his eyes widened. He flipped it over, making sure he had even read the name right in the first place. For confirmation, he looked at Skye and pointed to himself. Remarkably, she nodded.

Crimson almost said no, for fear that he might get Skye in trouble. But God, he would do anything just for ten seconds alone with her.


For a second, all Skye could do after Crimson handed her his reply was revel in the touch of his fingertips. That one feather light touch was enough to make her want to break the law.

She opened the folded scrap of paper and read the single word that was scrawled on the inside.



It wasn't a surprise when Crimson showed up at the old abandoned church to see that Sky was not there. Why would she want to get arrested for him anyway? He wasn't worth it.

With one final sigh, Crimson pushed himself off the rotted steps and began his trek home.


Skye couldn't believe how late she was. If only her parents had gotten her a car for her sixteenth birthday like she wanted. Then Crimson wouldn't think she was flaking out on him.

Halfway to the church, she ran into something solid. Looking up, she saw Crimson's vibrant green eyes glistening like stars.

"Hey," she said, trying to catch her breath.


And in that moment, the two of them had everything the ever wanted. They didn't care what their parents would do, or what their friends would think. For that one second, time froze and it was just the two of them.

Bursts of light came in red and blue, replacing the soft glow of the sun. Sirens wailed in the distance.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! What a great story and way to start a Sunday!

  2. Thanks Cambria! I love her work:)


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