Baby Julia Feeds the Moon by Jason Sandberg

by - Monday, March 03, 2014


Baby Julia awakened in the middle of the night to discover that she has pixie wings and the moon is calling for her help! How does she help the moon? 

My review

19 pages of finely constructed imagination!

I guess I am growing fonder towards children' bedtime stories after I was introduced to Sandberg's works.

What I love about Baby Julia feeds the Moon is that there are so many elements that are in play (Yes, just from a bedtime story...). Firstly, I thought the artwork and graphics in this book was amazingly creative : pixie winged baby and a moon that talks! But it all comes down to this. In the end of the story, the objective is not to only put your kids to sleep, leaving them imagining and wandering in their self-make dreamland, but to want them to bring along the moral values that are expressed in the story. Although BJFTM is only 19 pages long, but I thought the moral value was clearly portrayed in the story.

A great read for you and your kids!

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