Tell Me Something Tuesday #10

by - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert where she will ask us a question and we can share our answers by exchanging our links and dropping by each other's blogs!

Tell Me Something....

Who are your book boyfriends?

*squeals in anticipation*

This is the question every girl wants to answer!

In my previous TMST and FF posts, my answer to this question will always center around Shane from the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine.

Isn't he a darling?? 

But I feel it's unfair of me to always dedicate my posts to Shane, therefore  it is time for me to reveal my other book boyfriends!

I have too many to choose from, and my lists of book boyfriends have only grown and not dwindle in size! Hence, to answer this week's question, I have categorized my book boyfriends into 3 groups. (You see, if I don't group them, I'll end up being very excited and would've guessed how it will end ~winks~) 

Group 1 : YA Paranormal book boyfriend. 
Ethan Wate (Caster Chronicles)

My original cast for Ethan was Logan Lerman, but I knew not to judge a person and I am looking forward to watch the movie! Ethan has been one of my favorite person ever since I've started the series two years ago. Ethan was the first mortal guy that I read about, he was my first love because Beautiful Creatures was the first book I'd read after Twilight, and the first guy who made me swoon. I liked that he was just human and possesses no superpowers, he was just a simple boy who loves a girl and would do anything to keep them together.

Group 2 : Non Paranormal YA Book Boyfriend
Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster)

Yes, I admit, I have a Mad-Dog addiction, and apparently an obsession towards Max Irons too :P

In my previous TMST post, I did mention why I do adore Travis. Non other but for the fact that he is a bad boy who turns good for a girl. I'm just a sucker for those kind of stories! In Beautiful Disaster, we get to see how a hard man such as Travis transformed and we also get to see an incredibly protective and vulnerable side of Travis. I would want Travis for a boyfriend, even if he was an underground boxer, an ex-player, and a guy everyone wanted to date.

I am definitely not immune to the Mad-dox infection!

Group 3 : Mature YA Book Boyfriend 
Lochie (Forbidden)

Okay! Perhaps a Logan Lerman obsession too! lol...

Some of you might have heard of this controversial book, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma which mainly focused on the romantic relationship between Maya and Lochan, brother and sister. In short, incest. I don't oppose it, in fact I love the story! But if you take away the "incest" part, Lochan was actually a guy that you could easily fall in love with. He sacrificed his time, dedicating his youth to raise his siblings and never asked for anything in return. He was socially awkward, which made me drawn to him even more. He fought his attraction towards Maya, hard, which made me love him even more. What's not to like about him?

That's it! My three book boyfriends (excluding Shane and the other 100 ++ more in my list). Please do leave a link to your post! I would love to check yours out! I love sharing 'book boyfriends'!

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. I love your groups! So fabulous and organized! I love all those pictures too... Eye candy is always a plus! I need to meet Shane but dont worry cause you get dibs. LOL!! Great post!

  2. I am such a Travis fan so I am so happy to see someone pick him!!

    Great choices!!

  3. Oh Travis! :) The best of three...
    I love Kellan from Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C. Stephens. You should check out those books if you liked Beautiful Disaster.:)

    New follower, btw!:) Nice blog!

    glass @ I'm a reader, what about you?


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