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by - Friday, September 30, 2016

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Happy Friday!

First of all, I would like to apologise for missing out on some of your FF replies last week because I was away to Singapore and wasn't able to go online much. I was supposed to attend a concert in Singapore but unfortunately they postponed it the day before I was supposed to fly! Instead of "burning" the ticket, I decided to go on a short vacation. It was a huge bummer but I did managed to visit the Universal Studios (for the first time after 21 years of waiting) and screamed my lungs out going on every single roller coaster ride (stay away from cyclon if you do not want to plunge to your death - just kidding! - I screamed every word of profanity during that 20 seconds of ride, did I mentioned I was afraid of heights?) 

The first series that popped into my head was Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Blood series. 

Back then during my Twilight days, I was on a vampire-seeking mission and there was when I'd came across the BB series. It was such a hype that everyone was either talking about it, buying or reading it and it landed on the bestseller section in my favourite bookstore. Promising really! So I decided to purchase my first book and guess what, it ended with a 3-star rating (because I hated giving anything lower than a 2). 

I liked the idea of the story, but I had such a hard time with it I never planned to continue with the series. There's just something off about the character's relationship and I tried so hard to connect with them, I just gave up in the end. I've been putting off this series for 5 years and I guess I won't be revisiting it anytime sooner. 

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What about you? Leave your link and I'd be glad to check it out! :D

Have a happy reading weekend! 

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  1. How cool that you got to go to Singapore! I hope you had a blast! I've got the first Blue Bloods book; I actually won it in a giveaway, but haven't cracked it open yet. I'm both curious and cautious about the series. I'm afraid I won't like it either and I hate to DNF books! Happy Friday! :D New Twitter follower!

    1. My boyfriend lives there so I travel to Singapore occasionally! :D It was definitely a memorable trip! No matter what you should give it a try :) It has its perks and maybe you'll like it! Thanks for following me, I'm following back :D

  2. Yeaaah. I did the same thing as you and I don't know how far I got in the series but I know at one point I gave up trying with it because I just didn't get it.


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