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 (at the moment) 

"No one was my master - but I might be master of everything, if I wished. If I dared."
- Sarah J. Mass, A Court of Mist and Fury

About Dreamland:

Dreamland Teenage Fantasy was first created in June 2011 by a high school student (me!) who loves wandering around the book sphere and was absolutely captivated by the world of book blogging after stumbling across my first book blog. After lots of encouragement from my book besties on Goodreads, I finally found the courage to learn basic html coding (eeek...it's worst than math!) and designing - and tada! Dreamland Teenage Fantasy was officially born. 

The blog name was inspired by the symbology of literature as a form of escape from reality in my teenage years (because high school was a nightmare, yikes!). However, back in 2018, I've decided to rename my blog to Dreamland Book Blog because, 1) I outgrew my teen phase & 2) I started to post more mature books that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Therefore, to avoid a misleading title, the new and improved Dreamland Book Blog is born.

I've stopped blogging from the period of 2018 - 2019 as I was undergoing a huge change in my life - you can read more about it here. 

P.S. I love discovering new blogs, so leave a link to your blog in the linky list at the end of the page and I'll be sure to check them out :) 

About Me:

A food scientist/nutritionist by day, an avid reader, blogger and bookstagrammer by night. 

Meet the blogger: 

Five Random Facts About Me! 

  1. Angsty and depressing books are my favorites, I love sobbing all over my books and making a mess of myself. 
  2. Guys with tattoos are incredibly sexy - especially if they are in a rock band. 
  3. I enjoy a lot of alone/"ME" time. 
  4. Currently into BL (Boy's Love) Dramas. 
  5. My two essentials in life: Fries & Ice Cream 
Hi! I'm Natasha! A twenty-something-year-old who has way too many hobbies and passions for her own good. I'm recently into drawing (hence, artmateur), binging shows on Netflix, reading romance novels and stalking Pinterest board for my next project. 

I have a lame sense of humor who most probably laughs at her own jokes that nobody seems to get, but it's okay because I'm bubbly and optimistic *hehe*. 

I was in love with reading ever since my mom bought me my first box set of fairy tale stories and remembered crushing hard on a handsome illustration of a prince, but my reading obsession only took root after Twilight and my search for a good read continues until today. After trying my hand in writing, I realized that I'd be better off reading other people's stories instead. However, I do occasionally posts stories on Wattpad. 

Currently, besides managing my bookish blog, I'm also the vice publisher for an online magazine, Double The Books and a bookstagrammer under the name, Dreamland Teenage Fantasy. 

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[updated 13th April 2020]