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About Double The Books 

Double the Books is a bookish magazine founded by a book-obsessed reader, KayCee K who aimed to spread her love for books with the world. Shortly after she came up with the idea, she recruited two other fellow bookworms, Natasha and Stephanie to join her in her quest as three of them embarked on an adventure into the world of words. Over the period, the team has grown to include layout designer, Czai, content writer, Lilith and proof-reader, author Chrissy Lessey. 

Meet the "Double" Team    


From the left:

Editor Chief - KayCee K | Vice Publisher - Natasha Anne | Layout Designer - Czai | 
Vice Publisher - Stephanie | Content Writer - Lilith | Proofreader - Author Chrissy Lessey

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After the release of their first issue in August 2016, the magazine has slowly gained a supportive reader base who are as eager to share their passion for books and anything literature! With the magazine filled with author/blogger interviews, poems, guest posts and lots of bookish discussions, the team dedicates themselves to bring fun stuff from around the book sphere directly onto your tablet. 

With no words left unturned, we are all about having your voices heard!

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