Last Flight Out

by - Thursday, November 03, 2011

Their friendship doesn't stand a chance. Their love will never die. Kavita Davidson and Lily McCourtney test the limits of society's tolerance with a forbidden romance shunned by the mainstream while breaking all the rules. With his career on the rise, Kavita risks everything to be with her. With a bleak future before her, Lily seeks desperately for someone to believe in. Together, they dare to try and defy the odds - leaving the rest of us to ask, is Kavita the monster the world tells him he is? Or is he the hero Lily has been praying for? And when it all comes crashing down, can either of them survive the aftermath? True love does exist!

Kavita and Lily was in love, but their love was not approved by the society, call it forbidden, call it pedophilic, to me age is just a number, and love certainly knows no boundaries. 

Why is it that the society is in acceptance of a relationship between 16 year old teenage girls and centenarian vampires? Wherelse a relationship between a teacher and a student is strictly forbidden, and once again, quote: pedophilic? How much different could a 16 year old think compare to an 18 year old? They still tend to make the same mistakes, make the same judgments. Thus rounding up to my previous statement, AGE is just a NUMBER, and LOVE has no RULES. 

Kavita Davidson was Lily's art teacher. Him being 28 and she just a minor, they knew the consequences of their actions, while denial was a bliss, it eventually wore them out. Kavita was still haunted by his past, and Lily was living in hell, as fate brought them together, they saved each other. Kavita found happiness in Lily's innocence, Lily found solace in Kavita's protective arms. 

Honestly, I was completely absorbed by the story, from the first time I heard of Kavita's name (which was unique and uncommon) I knew that I was hooked. I really loved the way the story was narrated, from the 'awkward first meeting' between Mary Stewart and Kavita (I have to admit, they were so awkward I laughed at their flirtations) to the intense moment both Kavita and Lily shared, it couldn't have been told more perfectly, although, I was unsatisfied with some parts and thought it could be elaborated. But all is good! And it was narrated through 'the eyes of arts', which I have to say, is something I've been wanting to read about for a long time.

Nevertheless, it was a quick and emotional read. I enjoyed the carefree chapters and felt tears brimming as I uncovered the climax. I could not get over the fact how noble Kavita was! He took the Last Flight Out in order to save Lily from having to suffer, knowing that she had suffer enough from her experience in her hell-like household. (Don't you just want to get a Kavita for yourself??) Though I did not want it to end like this, that would sort of be conflicting to the title now won't it? :P

Also, I love reading about the bonding between Nick and Kavita, it was very well narrated. I for one am glad for that, because to me, a good book will not be complete without the 'essence' of friendship. To prove my point, they did not need to verbalize their points, they finish each other's thoughts!  

I definitely enjoyed this book (and still thinking about it as I lay in bed), it brought up a lot of questions in my mind and made me reflect on today's society. I had quotes from the book flashing in my brain and wonders how Carroll could come up with such philosophies. One thing for sure, I felt very much enlightened. (I love it when books make me feel that way!)

This is the perfect romance/coming of age story and I would recommend this to anyone! 

Random coincidence: Famous Last Words happens to be one of my favourite songs!

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