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by - Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Author of the Month" is a new feature that I have recently created to honour my favourite authors who have written some of the best books I have ever read. 

This feature will: 
  • Run for the entire month. 
  • On every Sunday of the month (excluding the first week where I will have a blog post introducing and interviewing the author), there will be a blog post dedicated to the author. The content of the blog post is entirely up to the author's choice. 

For the entire month of March, I am proud to feature Nikki Rae, author of one of my personal favourite novels, The Donor as Dreamland Teenage Fantasy’s author of the month! My first exposure to Nikki’s work was through Netgalley. Getting The Donor approved on my request list was one of the best thing that has happened in my reader’s life! Overwhelmed with adoration and excitement, I had sent my first fan mail to Nikki and she was so friendly in her replies, I swear it was a celebrity meet and greet moment. In conjunction with her new release of Animal, I have decided to feature Nikki Rae for the entire month of March! Stay tuned for more interesting features! 

Without further ado,

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Nikki Rae

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Nikki Rae is an independent author who lives in New Jersey. She explores human nature through fiction, concentrating on making the imaginary as real as possible. Her genres of choice are mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.

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Sophie Jean is pretty good at acting normal. She can pretend she’s not allergic to the sun. She can hide what her ex-boyfriend did to her. She can cover up the scars she’s made for herself. Ignore anything. Forget anything.

Then Myles enters her life, and he has more than a few secrets of his own. Sophie discovers that when she's with him she is feeling too much. Remembering too much.

It’s one thing covering up her own dark past, but does she really need to worry about people finding out just how much Myles likes her? Or that despite how much she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes, she kind of likes him back? Not to mention the fact that she now has to conceal that Myles drinks blood-that he says he’s about four hundred years old.

But Sophie can deal with this little glitch, no problem. Even if she’s putting the few people she loves at risk. Suddenly, those who were monsters before are just people, and the monsters? They’re real. Now being a normal human being is the least of her problems. Now she has to stay alive.

Sophie’s life has changed. She’s moved to New York, she’s playing music for new people, and she’s making new friends. Then there’s Myles, and the fact that he is now her boyfriend—and everyone knows it. There are a lot of new things to take in, but Sophie has no problem adjusting.

She’s not exactly normal, living in a half-human, half-vampire world, but she’s finally, truly happy. But some parts of Sophie and Myles’ old life still hide in the dark, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.
Sophie’s having nightmares again, but they aren’t about her; Myles is hiding something that she’s not sure she wants to know.

And one lie will change everything.

No matter how hard she tries to cover up the marks her monsters have left behind, they never truly go away, and Myles’ monsters are no different.

Once again, Sophie’s caught between life and death, but this time, only she can save herself.

Life wasn't what Sophie was expecting, so why should death be any different?

She’s come back from swimming between the two, and every problem she left is still there. And then some.

There’s the human world, where she has a brother on the verge of ruins, band mates all set to go on tour, and people she thought she wouldn't be seeing for a long time showing up.

Then there’s her new world, where she’s seeing and hearing things that should not be heard or seen. Where Myles knows more about her than she could have ever guessed. She still doesn't know exactly why Michael is tormenting her, but somehow, everything is connected.

The monsters are closing in on all sides and the question is, will Sophie be able to defeat them before it all ends?

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  1. very interesting progress of story from the looks of it. Might add it into my TBR and hope one day I'll get to read it

    1. I love the covers for the series, I thought it was dark and alluring! Hope you have the chance to read it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love all these giveaways you're doing! I'm finding so much new stuff to add to my TBR! Thank you for sharing, Natasha Anne!

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog


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