My Blogger Diary #6 - Change

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi there my favourite peeps! 

It has been a long while since I posted about anything personal and I just wanted to take this opportunity to ramble about a few updates of my life! 

I haven't been actively posting any reviews on my blog or on GR (that's because my reading goal for this year is only 30 books, a shame I know :( ), but I'm all about having realistic resolutions this year and this is one way of achieving it! 

Nevertheless, I completed my 6 month long internship in a pastry supplier company. Although it was just an internship, my days were fully occupied and I had such a wonderful experience working there - not to mention TONS of dessert surrounding me 24/7, that must have explained the sudden increase in my weight. 

But because of my internship, I hardly had any time to blog and participate in any weekly memes (bummer!), and I had stopped posting for my blog's feature "Author/Blogger of the Month" posts since March (double bummer!). I really am disappointed in myself for not being able to sustain my blog, but I do occasionally join in blog tours in helping authors to promote their newest release, I guess by doing so, it gave me a feeling that I still have a place in the blogosphere. You guys are too awesome I never contemplated to ever leave - at least permanently :P 

So what am I up to right now? 

I'm back home, helping my parents out with their business so I can learn a few ropes and figure out what I wanted to do with life. Graduation is not until November and I have to wait a few months before I could use my transcript for job applications (nah, I'm just using that as an excuse to stay home and avoid being an adult :p) 

I'm slowly getting back on track with my reading and I knew that by being at home, I would have more time to read (yay for that!). Annnd, since my parents knew how much of a book hoarder I am, my dad converted my cupboard into a bookshelf for my books - although I do not understand why he thought that the tiny shelf could fit all of my prized collections, pssttt. :P I'm joking, I love you dad! 

My awesome new DIY shelf!
He also took his amateur carpentry skills and made me a dressing table, which I really love. Seriously dad, we should start a business, hahaha! 

Enough about myself, I haven't heard from you for a while, so how's life? :D

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