Dark Guardian # 1 Moonlight

by - Friday, June 10, 2011


 I've been reading a lot about vampires and reading something about werewolves is a refreshing change. I rate this book a five(once again because I sucked at giving bad reviews but also because I really do enjoy this book). Just consider the werewolves in this book a combination of Jacob and Edward (Twilight), a shifter who could read minds, now how cool is that? Okay, so Jacob does read minds, but not as general as Edward, but these werewolves are capable of doing that. And of course, the shifter's genes run in the family, and it's cool that they have their own territory, even though if it's a huge mansion.

Basically the wolves in Rachel's books are quite similar to Twilight's, only differ in terms, for example, Dark Guardians and Quileute's Wolf Pack.  But still, the additional details about werewolves had made this book even more interesting, girls and boys have different transforming age, and they have to choose their mates and the idea of tattooing your soul mate's name on your back before getting to know her is really sweet and sacrificial. And I felt a pull towards the shifters in this book, they somehow are tauntingly sexy and dark in my mind.

I was hyperventilating when I was reading this book, for the most part. And I had a good laugh, for example Lucas always 'interupt' on any romantic confrontation between Kayla and Mason, which is funny, using his 'responsibility' as an excuse, perhaps a bit too extreme? But it made things quite funny and it surprised me that Kayla didn't notices it as jealousy. The asking permission to stay behind part is also kinda funny. One more thing! One of my favourite scene is when Mason tried to force onto Kayla and Lucas jumped into her protection, I thought that was very heroic of him (although, sadly, it was  a trap)...

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