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by - Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hello Everyone,

It's Sunday and I'm too lazy to do my homework, so today I have been reading Free Short Stories that I downloaded from, and to my surprised I was addicted to each and every one of them.

Theme of the day : Romance. 
Song on loop : The Council of Elrond - Howard Shore ft Enya

1. Brenin by Mirriam Smyth
Dylan can't say he's ever met someone like Bre before. She's warm, giving, loving and compassionate. Dylan just doesn't realize how giving she is until she suffers an immense loss. It's not about just understanding but about depending on each other. It's about Dylan giving her what she's always given away so easily: love. 

My Review 
This one is a real tearjerker, a short 42 pages story that will leave quite an impact on your day.  A great and heartwarming story about family and love.

2. A Secret Admirer by Alexia Pranks 

A romantic short story about a lonely girl finally meeting her guy on Valentine's Day. 

My Review 
14 pages.
I must have a thing for short stories.
Besides the promising cover art, the story was surprisingly good! A quick and cute romantic story that left me grinning like an idiot.

3. Madison by Mirriam Smyth

Madison's first glimpse of Damien Stone was fleeting - she walked by him, greeting him with a smile. He was nothing more than a stranger. Damien barely acknowledged her existence until he caught her scent - she was his. But his appearance in her life forces a change she doesn't understand, a change he wants to help her understand. 

My Review
A refreshing short story about werewolves and vampires which reminded me how seriously a werewolf takes his mate!

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