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by - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

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Tell Me Something....

Do you usually like the book better than the movie or the movie better than the book? What is your favorite book to movie adaptation you have ever seen.

Definitely not the latter.

I am huge fans of both movies and books, however I disliked watching a movie adaptation if I had read the book beforehand.

Take Twilight as an example. I had great time watching Twilight because I had zero expectations for the movie, but the subsequent chapters weren't that much appealing because I've gone ahead and bought the books to read. Which I sort of regretted because I have high expectations for the next installments and hated when I disappoint myself. I have to blame myself for not liking New Moon as much as I liked Twilight, I supposed if I never read the books, I would love Twilight even more instead of criticizing the movie for not being like the book. I have to say, books set a pretty high standard for the movie.

I love to watch movie adaptations, only if I have never read the book because I couldn't stop myself from comparing, and I hated myself when I do that. Well, I am looking forward to Hunger Games though, I try to not expect anything and just let the movie 'wow' me.

I enjoyed watching several movie adaptations such as Percy Jackson, I am Number Four and Beastly because I went to watch the movie without knowing the plot, and I came out happy and content. Even more, I found myself loving the story even more after I watched the movie and then read the book.

In a nutshell, I will like a movie adaptation if I haven't read the book.

And for my favorite? Well....I can't say I read much books which was made into movies, but I loved Harry Potter, so there ya go!

Comment and please give me a feedback! (I sounded so cynical in this post....) Don't forget to leave your link below so I can check yours out too. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Sorry if there was any grammatical errors, I wrote this post in a rush! Full schedule for today!

  2. Hi, Natasha! Great answer this week. I agree that I probably would have loved the Twilight movies had I not read the books first (not to say that I don't like them, but they definitely don't make my list of favorites). Harry Potter is one of my favorites as well! I agree that sometimes the books are better after seeing the movies (I didn't start reading HP until Goblet of Fire was in theatres). :)

  3. Great answers!!!! I too really liked the percy jackson movie!! But i know some didnt but you have a point because i watched it before i read the book so i had no expectations- tho even after i read the book i liked the Movie i thought it was fabulous entertainment, lol.
    I am looking forward to Hunger Games too and i am just hoping its good!! Great answers!!

  4. You have some very good points about not having any expectations for movies if you haven't read the book yet, I hadn't thought of it that way before!

    Great points!!

  5. I hate watching a movie and then reading the book, but otherwise I totally agree with you. Books give us so much hope that the movie will be just like we want it to be but that never really happens.

  6. Totally agree with you! Watching the movie and reading the book makes me more happy with the movie. And not reading the book right before watching the movie also makes me less nitpicky about it. I love the Harry Potter movies primarily because of the awesome cast! They're so right for their characters! xD


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