Follow Me Friday #18

by - Friday, April 06, 2012

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Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

One and only once! 

Mostly I will lose my interest in a book after I read a bad review, simply because I couldn't get the 'bad' comments out of my head. But this book was an exception. I really wanted to read it for myself even though I've heard many negative reviews on it. But I remembered reading one good one, and that was what pushed me to buy it. 

In the end, I wouldn't say I love it, but it was definitely a great read! 

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Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi :)

    I haven't read that book yet, but it's on my TBR list.

    New follower

    Shelley @ Gizmos Reviews

  2. New follower!

    I haven't read that one yet, but I love that cover :)

  3. New follower. I have never read a book because it received a negative review. Have a great weekend.

    Here's my FF

  4. New follower :)! I always read books if they have a bad review haha, I just get too curious :')

  5. I haven't read that book yet, it's on my TBR list.
    New follower;
    My FF;

  6. Hopping through. my ff

    new follower twitter, gfc, goodreads, and network blogs. happy friday!

  7. Interesting, that's been on my TBR list. I hadn't really looked into the reviews of it though. Looks like I'll need to adjust my expectations!

    New follower BTW!

  8. That is interesting. I can tell you that I never did that. I am to carefull with that :D LOL

    My FFF

  9. Oh, I plan to read this one, too.. Because of all the drama. *g*

    Patricia // My FF

  10. Following from FF - sorry it's taken me a while to get round to you! It's my first week joining in, I hope you might have time to visit my FF post.


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