Being Away

by - Friday, July 17, 2015

The act of disappearing

Dear my fellow readers and blogger friends, 

I haven't had time to blog for almost three months! Despite my new year's resolution to revamp my blog and getting around more often. It was a rough 3 months because everything was piling up and I couldn't manage my time well enough to leave time for blogging (that being my fault :( ), let alone reading a book. 

To be honest, I underestimated my final year, I thought I would be able to maintain my blogging interest with the increasing workload of my university studies (I even had a planner in hand), but my schedule was jam-packed since the first day of school. With competitions and events to be organized plus a whole lot of assignments, reports and studying due every week, I lost track of my planner and my emails. I haven't been checking my planner and emails frequent enough to keep track on the tours I have previously signed up for, and for that I sincerely apologize if I had not returned your emails or missed out any of the tours throughout the past few months (since I'm on my one month break, I am sorting through my unread and unanswered emails). I felt bad as it is knowing that you guys have put the effort to recruit bloggers and spent time preparing for all the materials, and I did not respond in time or failed to meet the due date, it was definitely my fault at hand. 

I would not end my post by once again reaffirming my confidence -or overconfidence- that I would be able to meet the deadlines or actively participating in blogging activities, and I hate to make empty promises again. Because from August onwards, I would be facing my toughest semester yet and I know I won't be around that often to check on my blog any more. So for the year of 2015, I would dwindle down and occasionally post book reviews and random posts, and also participate in blog tours that I would actually be able to make it  (Natasha, you have to stop being so greedy!) 

*mentally groans at self*
On the same note, I will be travelling to Europe (first time ever!!) this coming July to August for a summer programme affiliated with my university and have my own extended holiday from there, so I hope to have a few posts up this month while I'm on the road :)

Once again, I really do apologize for all the inconvenience I caused and hope to hear from you guys soon! :)

Till then!

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