I missed Europe

by - Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hey peeps!

After a month long of dissapearing and another month of getting used to the new semester, I'm finally back to blogging! (Still going to be on and off kind of thing :/ )To be honest, my heart was still somewhere in Europe and my mind is still traveling across countries, although I'm halfway through my final semester and my thesis submission is in another month. *God help me*.


Despite a few places being overcrowded by tourists, the scenery and architecture was astounding! Being from an Asian cultured background, I wasn't exposed to much of the European culture except from what I watched from movies, but to be there in real person was a whole different story!

I couldn't even begin to describe the excitement that I felt throughout the whole month. To be honest, I think I found my new home.
Too far-fetched there Nat. 

Although there were some mishaps and bad experiences throughout the trip (attacked by cactus thorns in Rome and having a bad case of period cramps in Paris - go figures!), I thought the entire trip was spectacular!

Here are just some photos that I took (and deemed worthy to be shown to the rest of the world :P) just to share with you guys! 

Berlin, Germany

A shot of the wondrous Gondola in Venice, Italy!

One of my personal favourite place, La Petite France, Strasbourg

Annnnd the historical Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Lastly, the place I always dreamed of going. The mighty Colosseum.
And now it's back to my old, mundane life :( At least I have the books to escape to this time :P

Throughout the month of October I will be sharing random posts of:

  • Book reviews (I've recently read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, call me outdated but omg! Now I finally understood what's the buzz around Daemon Black!)
  • Blog tours
  • My own written story on Wattpad titled "Lila Dilemma"

  • It's good to be back! I may not be around often, but my love for the blogging world never cease! *A gentle reminder to self to always keep up to date with book blogs* 

    See you guys around!

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    1. I think it was the pictures that made me drool. Yeah, definitely the pictures...

      But in all seriousness, Natasha, I am so envious of you right now! I haven't been to someplace this beautiful in ages - but cactus thorns in Rome? That sounds really painful, I hope you're alright! I get you on the period cramps though, it really sucks to be constantly in pain when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself. :(

      And the having-to-focus-on-school-but-you-still-want-to-blog-dilemma? Yeah, I'm on the same level as you. Good luck on your studying/blogging journey though!!

      Best Wishes,


    Hi! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Wishing you a dreamy day!