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by - Monday, December 28, 2015

Thank you Kaycee from Wonderful Struck for nominating me for this award! It totally made my day! Please do check out her blog because she is just amazing. 

If you don't know what the Liebster Award is, it's a tag post to help new bloggers be discovered- it's also a great way to get to know the blogger!

To take part, all you have to do is:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions the nominator has given you.
3. Tag 11 bloggers who have less than 1000 readers.
4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated. 5. Let them know you've nominated them through social media or their blog.

Sacramento Regular
Just Another Hand Regular

This is a tough question because I love witchcraft, faeries, zombies and everything paranormal, but my long time obsession has always been vampires. I wouldn't want to live inside a classic vampire novel because I love modern technology too much, I chose Twilight because I fell in love with the Cullen's house and Fork's gloomy weather actually gives me inspiration to write! It would be cool to live in a place where vampires exist, the best thing about immortality is that you don't have to sleep! 

Just look at the windows! 

Definitely The Originals. 

I used to love TVD but after season 4 was when the series took a downturn for me. I preferred The Originals series because the story held more depth and every episodes were equivalently suspenseful. Besides, how could you resist the British accent? 

Just Another Hand Regular
I used to hide the fact that I am obsessed with metalcore and hardcore music, you know the kind of music that involves screamo and growling? I only shared my obsession with my brother and a few close friends of mine because my taste in music was not really acceptable by others that judged rather too quickly. In all honestly, not all metal music sings about devils and deaths (the common misconception people around me has). There are really good ones out there with lyrics that was written with raw emotions, and the acoustic versions of the metal songs were also a piece of  art! 

But after entering Uni, I was more confident in expressing myself and now I can openly recommend metal music to my friends. I love all kinds of music from Indie to Punk, Pop to classics, but band members with tattoos had always been my guilty pleasure.

One of my personal favourites. 

Just Another Hand Regular Just Another Hand Regular
Musical talent - gosh I envied those who can sing and play the guitar so well! I can sing just fine and my guitar skills are not that terrible, but still I have zero confidence when it comes to performing to a crowd. 

A mansion for me to decorate - after 4 years of renting rooms and staying with unknown strangers, it would be good to have a house all to myself that I can decorate freely with all the items I bought from IKEA. I also want a dog, a garden for me to read and bask in the sun as well as a beautiful kitchen for me to experiment with. 

Free travel - Being a Saggitarius, there's nothing I love more than the taste of freedom. Travelling around the world for free is at the top of my wish list. I work to save up money for travelling, so it would be good for my bank account if travelling is made free :p

Just Another Hand Regular
Blogging used to be just a favourite past time, a chance to share my thoughts on the books I reviewed. Now, blogging seems a lot more fun because I am able to interact with not only readers, but authors and publishers who are as enthusiastic about books as I am. I also blogged about personal opinion and random inspiration, therefore blogging also helped in improving my writing. 

Just Another Hand Regular Just Another Hand Regular
Author Debra Anastasia - she cracks the funniest jokes!

Eve Rosser and Michael Glass - they are my favourite goth/vampire duo from the Morganville Vampire Series, and Eve knows her sarcasm. 

My boyfriend - because I just love to drag him anywhere I go :P

Daemon Black - Eye candy to look at.

Rebekah Michaelson - she seems like the perfect sister/BFF to have!

Just Another Hand Regular
Anything that involves food and animals. I wanted to become a zoologist before I ended up with my Food Science degree. 

Just Another Hand Regular
Optimistic, Friendly, Popular, love to smile 

I knew this because we played a game of "First Impressions" and these were the words my friend used to describe me, haha. 

Just Another Hand Regular
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Goodreads and Bloglovin! 

Just Another Hand Regular
Words. Although actions speak louder than words, but sometimes actions are initiated by words. Words have the power to lead the whole nation, or destroy the heart of a person, never underestimate the power of words. 

Just Another Hand Regular Just Another Hand Regular
My current obsession is Rhodes! Would definitely want him to tour around Asia and visit my country. 

Sacramento Regular
Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian
Blessie @ Mischievous Reads
Samantha @ Book Minx Read
Rachel @ Go Read A Book
The Candid Cover @ The Candid Cover

Sacramento Regular
1. What got you into blogging?
2. If you can use any kind of flower to describe yourself, what would it be and why?
3. If you have magical mirror that shows you the future, what future do you envisioned yours to be?
4. What is your greatest motto in life? Why?
5. If one day you woke up as a famous celebrity, what would you do?
6. Love at first sight, agree or disagree?
7. Pet peeves? 
8. Tell us something random about yourself!
9. If there is one thing you could change about your past, what would it be?
10. Favourite person in the world! 
11. Complete this sentence. "If I have the chance to..."

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  1. your wishes is the first i see that doesn't involve money. and Food science is a good field to be in

    1. Haha! I wish everything in the world would be made free though :/ Food Science indeed is a great course, thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Great responses! I do appreciate your nomination, however, my blog is an award free blog as I just do not have the time to pass on the award as required. Congrats on your nomination! :)

    1. Thank you! Oh, it's no biggie! I totally understand as I do have a hectic schedule to maintain last year and wasn't able to participate in numerous blogign events. Thanks again and thank you for commenting!


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