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by - Saturday, February 13, 2016

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"Author of the Month" is a feature that I created to honour some of my favourite authors by featuring their works for an entire month!

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For the entire month of February, I am proud to feature author Amalie Silver.

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Amalie Silver resides in Minnesota with her husband, two toddlers, and German Short-haired Pointer, Saba. She consumes approximately three pots of coffee a day, and credits this for her survival over the past decade. When not completely consumed in her writing, she can be found taking road trips to northern Minnesota, engaging in fierce Scrabble games, or reading a good book. She’s a sucker for all romance genres, literary fiction, and psychological fiction.

Contact her through: 




“Hey, Red.” I jumped as Jesse slid into the booth. His eyes were glossy and he slurred his words. “Come here often?”

I slouched and looked away. “You’re drunk.”

He grabbed the menu from the stand at the edge of the table and panned his options.

“I’m not staying tonight,” I added.

He raised a brow without pulling his eyes from the menu. “Can’t I order food? Why would I give a shit if you stayed?”

I cleared my throat and buried my hands underneath me.

“Oh, that’s right. You have a little date tonight, don’t you?” 

He laughed. It was a courtesy laugh that I hadn’t seen since the night I met him.

“Are you going to fuck him?” he asked without looking up, adding emphasis to the word fuck. He closed the menu and leaned over the table to speak softly. “Or are you going to hold off on that for a while?” he continued, talking quickly. “Maybe give him blowjobs and handjobs for the rest of your life? Greet his parents every evening with a handshake that smells like their son’s sac? Let him blow his load down your throat five minutes before you kiss his mother goodbye on the cheek?” He swallowed, and his eyes welled with tears. “Because that would make you nothing but a whore, Charlie.” The tone in his voice was entirely different from the look in his eyes. “That’s the kind of girl that gets used. Someone worthy of being called a tramp. Just don’t come crying to me when the tingling scabs form around your mouth, because I’m not the kind of guy who deals with sluts.”

“No, you’re not,” I snapped back, keeping my voice low. “You’re the kind of guy who would fuck a fourteen-year-old if it was legal. That screams ‘class.’ Hell, Ryan’s dad couldn’t even pass for my boyfriend. So I guess there’s one thing our choices don’t have in common.”

“You’re a fucking bitch.”

“Am I interrupting something?” Ryan’s voice came from beside us.

I looked up and softened my scowl. Ryan’s dreads were pulled back into a low ponytail and his dark green eyes smiled down on me.

“Hey!” I chirped. Ryan looked over at Jesse, and I’d never seen a smirk on Jesse’s face so evil.

“We should go,” I said quickly, grabbing my purse.

“It’s not like you to be rude, Charlene,” Jess cut in. “Introduce me to your new friend here.”

I worried what he would say. I feared what kind of backlash it would cause. I was scared of what Ryan would think about the company I kept. Jesse’s words from a few seconds earlier still wreaked havoc to my stomach, and I regretted what kind of person was rooted so deeply into my heart.

“I’m Ryan. It’s nice to meet you.”

Jesse bounced to a stand but fumbled his balance. Holding the table for support, he shrugged his shirt into place. “Hey, new friend. I’m Jesse, Charlie’s bestest friend in the whole wide world.”

“Oh! She told me about you. Hey, man.” Ryan held out his hand, but Jesse merely stared at it as if it were his enemy.

“Come on, Ryan,” I urged with a tug on his shirt. “Let’s go.”

“What did she say about me?” Jesse slurred. “Come on, we’re all friends here.” He held his arms out at his sides and looked around the bar. “What did she tell you?”

I rubbed my forehead, kept my head down, and held my breath.

Ryan shrugged and looked over at me. His eyes held concern, but he answered Jess anyway. “Your name came up randomly in conversation. She didn’t say much.”

“No? She didn’t say much?” Jess countered.

“No.” Ryan shrugged again. “Not that I remember.”

Jesse grabbed his arm. “So she didn’t tell you about the night we met? Or about the frogs and the dragonflies? Did she tell you about the park or the CD I made for her or the cabin? Did she tell you about the cabin? That’s a good story…” 

All I could do was watch silently as the mania took over. Stopping him would’ve caused more harm than good. He was digging his own grave and there was nothing I could do about it. 

“…Did she forget to mention the time she bailed me out of jail and the nights we stayed up talking and not talking and the family reunion I took her to? Did she tell you about my bipolar or that time we held each other in her bed or all the times I was an asshole to her when she didn’t deserve it?” He scratched his nose and blinked his eyes. His body was frail and his eyes held no light. “What about the song I wrote for her? Did she tell you about that?”

My chin quivered as I squeezed my eyes shut. I had nothing to say. If there was a song, I didn’t know about it. And if what he was saying held some kind of confession about how he felt about me, he was definitely doing it the wrong way.

I’d put up with that mouth of his for months. How much longer could I do it without calling him out on it? How much longer could I let him treat me that way? He’d quite possibly ruined any chance I had at enjoying my first date—that was if Ryan still wanted to take me.

“Ryan?” My voice caught in my throat. “Can I talk to Jesse for a moment alone?”

“Of course,” Ryan mumbled and stepped into the lobby.

I closed the distance between us. “You wrote me a song?”

He rolled his eyes and huffed out a breath. “But it doesn’t matter, does it? I saw the way you looked at him just now.” He raked his hands through his hair. “Fuck. He made you blush, Charlie,” he whispered, pain riddling his eyes as he held his side. “Fuck this. Go.” He stepped away from me and raised his voice. “Go have fun with your dirty, smelly, scrawny hippie. I’m sure he’ll be perfect for you.”

“Jess, I’ll stay. I’ll stay, I will.”

He shook his head, biting the inside of his cheek. “You won’t.” His hands balled into fists. “Fly away, little bug,” he whispered and walked out of the bar.


And my fanmade teaser!

I was also excited enough to create a fanmade video for Progress. Fangirl all the way!

The author is generous enough to giveaway 1 free paperback copy of Progress and a $15 Amazon Gift Card to 2 lucky winners! *open internationally*. Please do join in the giveaway fun and stay tuned for the entire month for more exciting features by Amalie Silver! 

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