What's Your Book Betrayal Story? - Feature & Follow #44

by - Friday, September 23, 2016

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Happy Friday!

I don't know if this counts as betrayal but I remembered that I borrowed a book from my school's library but it has no title, no cover and it was basically an old, worn green hardcover book with brownish pages. I found it in a corner of the library wedged between so many newer books, it was so out of place, that was why I picked it up and borrowed it (the book was dated back to the 60's - I think) and I had the crazy fantasy that it was the kind of book that will whisk you into another realm.

I finished the book in 5 days (because I was a slow reader back then) and till date I still remembered bits and bits of the storyline, it was about a young girl who moved to a home only to befriend a young boy (who is a ghost) but her family was against it, calling it her imaginary friend. I remembered the book giving me a creepy vibe but I loved it! I had to return the book in 2 days and I tried to copy down the entire book by hand, but I barely finished the first chapter before my one week period was up. 

After I returned the book to the library (with a heavy heart), I tried to search for it again for the next week but it was gone, and I could never search for it again because I don't even know the name or the author, only known it as the mysterious, green hardcover book.

So I guess that's my book betrayal story. 

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  1. I started writing the titles i read down because I tend to forget about the title and focus on the cover. So I had borrowed books that I read before and it was like a betrayal to the book.
    now I keep a blog for the books that I have read Xd

  2. This is amazing, especially since it seemed to disappear after you returned it. Maybe one day you will be reunited! Happy Friday! (Old Follower)

    Stacey @ The Bookish Loner

  3. That's such a cool story! Hopefully you'll find that book again one day.

    New follower - happy F&F Friday!

    Mikayla @ Mikayla's Bookshelf

  4. It's fun to remember stuff like that. Hope you find that book again someday. New follower, Twitter.

  5. That's terrible! I can just imagine this being some mysterious quest as you got more and more into reading. It would be cool to find the book by happenstance, but the odds are not in your favor. I hope you find it someday!


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