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by - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Gritty. Sexy. Taboo. 

Melanie Cannon is troubled, desperate, and only eighteen. Taking the fall for a friend, she’s forced into a drug education class, which she expects to be boring as hell. 

Until Detective Jake Beck walks in as her instructor. Jake knows it’s a mistake to get involved with a high school senior. But their passion is undeniable. Their bond is the kind that lasts forever. Their connection is more than just lust. Jake's willing to risk it all—even when harsh betrayal and ugly secrets threaten everything.



I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of Rough Around the Soul provided by L.Woods PR and the author. Thank you so much for the reviewing opportunity!

Rough. Raw and eRotic. 

Maria Monroe delivered the perfect combination to a great taboo novel and I'm still reeling from the aftermath of the story. 

I'm huge into taboo romances mainly because I embrace diversity (plus, who could resist a teacher/student romance?) so I jumped at the chance to review this book. Guess what? BEST. DECISION. EVER. 

I really love Jake's character, besides being the Chicago hotshot detective, he has an incredibly big heart that shows especially when he is with Melanie. Torn between what is right and what feels right, I felt his turmoil and pegged for his happy ending. On the other hand, Melanie is a bright star buried beneath a pile of dust and it hurts to see how much her shitty life has diminished her spirit. There were a few tearjerking and heart-clenching moments whenever I read Melanie's POV, but I really love Jake and her principal for giving hope when there isn't. 

To be honest, it did not felt very taboo-ish to me but I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and characters, which is why I rated the book a solid 4.5 star rating! I haven't had a great teacher/student read since Waking Olivia and my feelings are in a jumbled mess! 5 stars to the cover and title though!

Maria Monroe writes sexy and smart romance, often focusing on new adult characters. Bad boys, especially gruff and sexy ones, are her favorite alpha males to read (and write) about.

Her contemporary romance novels include The Rescue, Julian & Lia, Love (Literally), and Afterglow, an apocalyptic love story. Maria has also published two BDSM books, Her Millionaire Master and Kept by the Commanders, through Stormy Night Publications. She enjoys reading, playing Pokemon, building bonfires, drinking wine, sarcasm, hiking, and laughing about inappropriate things. She’s from Chicago and currently lives just outside the city with her three awesome kids, two rescue dogs, two rescue cats, and the most supportive husband in the world. You can learn more about her (and her two sisters, who are also romance authors!) at

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