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by - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Details

Haven by Mary Lindsey
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Teen 

About the Book

"We all hold a beast inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed."

Rain Ryland has never belonged anywhere, He’s use to people judging him for his rough background, his intimidating size, and now, his orphan status. He’s always been on the outside, looking in, and he’s fine with that. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart.

Freddie isn’t like normal teen girls, though. And someone wants her dead for it. Freddie warns he’d better stay far away if he wants to stay alive, but Rain’s never been good at running rom trouble. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for.

Ancient magic and modern society collide in a sexy, spellbinding romance perfect for fans of C. C. Hunter and Maggie Stiefvater that proves sometimes beauty is the beast…

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Author Interview

Haven is described as fresh and out of the box, shattering the stigmas of the YA Paranormal genre. What was your inspiration behind the story?

Wow! I want to shake the hand of the person who described it like that. 

The inspiration came in phases. First, my editor asked me to write a shape-shifter book. At first I wasn’t keen on the idea, but warmed up to it after researching German witch and werewolf lore. Give me a historical or literary tie, and I’m on it. 

I went to the places in the book. I took a tour of Texas Hill Country wineries and spent a few days in a small town settled by German immigrants. Then, on a hike up Enchanted Rock, major plot points fell into place. While all this was happening, I realized the story in my head was way different than what my editor and I had talked about. I needed it to be from the hero’s point of view instead of the heroine’s. 

I wanted an atypical hero, and as I thought about him and his goals and fears, an 18-year-old from the inner city streets, surviving day-to-day only by his wits and fists emerged. I wanted a heroine who didn’t need a hero, but rather an ally. And I wanted her to be off the charts tough. A heroine who could literally eat him for lunch if he crossed her. The most enjoyable part of writing this book was finding that softness inside these hardened characters. 

Who was your cover designer and how did the design process come about? 

This is Haven’s second cover. Initially, it was given a more traditional YA paranormal cover, but as it developed, it was clear it wasn’t a traditional book. There are strong horror and suspense elements in addition to the romance, so the new cover fits well, especially taking into account the gritty male point of view. I love the vines and dramatic look of the red, black, and white. Striking. 

Haven has been garnering good reviews on Goodreads, what are your thoughts on your reader’s responses so far?

This is my tenth published book (I write adult romance under another name), and honestly, I’m overwhelmed by the response to this one. I’m grateful for every review, regardless of the rating or reception of the book, because it means someone cared enough to read my book and take the time to write a review, but man, it feels good to see so many positive reactions in these first days. 

Who was your favourite character to write in Haven and why? 

Petra was by far my favorite, but only because she was unplanned and not part of the original outline. Everything she did, and every word she uttered, surprised me. 

Are there any particular actors/actresses that you envisioned when you were creating your characters? 

I didn’t picture any specific actors or actresses when creating the characters. I do have a Pinterest board, though. ☺

If you have a chance to go on a lunch date with any author, who would it be? What is the first thing you would ask him/her? 

Edgar Allan Poe: Amazing man, amazing mind, amazing work, and I would finally find out what happened in his last days. 

What are you currently working on? 

I’m working on a book related to Haven in addition to an adult romantic comedy and an adult paranormal.

Any last thoughts for your readers? 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and write reviews. Also thanks to those who are interested enough in the project to make it to the end of this interview. Readers are the reason for what I do, and I’m grateful for those who have followed me over the years and across genres and those who are reading me for the fist time. I’m grateful for you all. xoxo

My Review

Ratings: 4.5 "I'm-in-Haven" Stars

Haven was my most anticipated read of the month! I was beyond ecstatic when I was approved of an ARC and literally danced around the house because I haven't read a YA paranormal in a LONG while - SO it only made sense when I had HIGH hopes for this book, and guess what? The author freaking delivered.

OH. I haven't read a werewolf story since my Twilight days! (I'm talking about 7 years here, no kidding!) so the sense of nostalgia is strong with this one. To have the familiar sense of that world, yet being sucked into a completely unique & different setting was confounding yet interesting at the same time. Mary Lindsey was a breath of fresh air, she swept in effortlessly and brought new ideas to the shifter's genre. I won't reveal any spoilers about the book or rehash the blurb because I rather you experience it for yourself, but I do have to stress on the BRILLIANCE of the novel.

Forget Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, strong female leads are taking the bookish world by storm! I honestly adore Freddie because she's such a strong female protagonist who is more than capable to take care & stand up for herself. Paired with a delinquent with the heart of gold (and a strong sense of curiosity & protectiveness), you have a fast-paced and incredible shifter romance that you just don't want to miss. New-to-me-author Mary Lindsey has reminded me of my love for YA paranormal romance, and I'm now on my quest to hunt for more shifter romance books!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book generously provided by Entangled Teen and the author.

About the Author

Mary Lindsey is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband. Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 "pet" Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the "pet" roaches found a home... somewhere else.

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