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by - Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Book Details

Going Pro: Touchdown
by Ashlyn Hope 
Genre: Sports Romance
Published Date: 5th November 2017
Publisher: Pizzicato Publishing

About the Book

Friends and family may call her "Pro," but she feels like a bumbling novice at, well, everything. Especially relationships. 

On most days, Pro feels like she can't get a win. She's all alone in the big city and fighting to keep her business afloat while trying to find love, and none of these things are going her way. But Pro finally catches a break right before she was going to throw in the towel. She takes herself out to bask in her small success, but her celebration gets sacked when she catches her new guy out on the town with another girl! Hurt, upset, and a hot mess, this is when Pro bumps into David. 

Kind, considerate, and absolutely massive, David plays for a local professional football team. Nicknamed "Meat Mountain," he's huge everywhere and has rich brown eyes, a chiseled face, and a heart of gold. It looks like Pro is finally going to score and land the man of her dreams. 

Will this be one for the win column? Or will Pro need to go back to the playbook and start from scratch? 

What's Going Pro About? 

Pro is a nickname that stuck for little Prudence from Small Town, USA. Yes, she was a superstar as a kid, but as a young adult by herself in the big city, Pro doesn't always feel like she's living up to her nickname. But she's getting there. Today she may be landing a big client, finally getting her rent paid, and getting to make out with one of the hottest, most famous football players, but what will tomorrow have in store?

My Review

Ratings: **3.5 Meat-Mountain Stars**

The debut sports romance novel by new-to-me author Ashlyn Hope was a quick read that is guaranteed to sweep you off your feets.

Albeit a little too fast-paced and insta-romance for my liking, I can't help but be pulled into the Pro's journey in both her life and love. I dove into the story without knowing that it will be part of a series but I couldn't get enough of the bubbling romance and even craving more for "Meat". I do wish that there is more character development in the story, I'm particularly keen on learning about Pro's background story and perhaps would appreciate a little bit more angst, but overall, as a debut novel, the writing was surprisingly good and the story was worthwhile!

Looking forward to the sequel ;)

I voluntarily read and reviewed a free copy of this book generously provided by the author. Thank you so much for the reviewing opportunity!

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