Born at Midnight

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What if the only thing that separates you from being human, is when you were born at midnight?

Kylie Galen had the worst day of her life, her parents announced that they were getting a divorce, her nana was still dead, her boyfriend broke up with her and she was caught in a high school party filled with booze. To make matters worse, Soldier Dude was back, and he was the reason why Kylie had been seeing a shrink, because, well, a normal human were not supposed to see ghosts, right?

When her mother found out about the party, Kylie found herself on a bus heading towards Camp Shadow Falls, a camp for juvenile delinquents, or so she thought. Soon enough, she will discover that not only Camp Shadow Falls was peculiar, from the girl who was too pale to the boy with gold flecks in his eyes ,they all shared something in common.

They were all born at midnight.


After reading too many paranormal/fiction novels, some ideas tend to get boring after a while. The usual vampire vs werewolves drama was getting pretty old, not to mention the overrated forbidden relationship between a mundane human and a monster (though I can't help but keep falling in love with them), Born at Midnight was a breath of fresh air! And now I can look at the paranormal section of the bookstore with much more enthusiasm, in hopes of searching for something alike, or entirely new.

I would summarize Born at Midnight with these three words : pageturner , laughed-over, swoon worthy.
For those of you who are not familiar with the book, Born at Midnight tells the story of Kylie's quest of self-discovery in a camp of Midnight-borns - mythical creatures.

Pageturner  - Everything about this book screamed 'Turn the page!', if you like an independent girl character then you would certainly enjoy the story as the author narrated Kylie perfectly.

Laughed-over - Every great book must have great humour, and it's clear that Born at Midnight does not lack in this field. The characters in the story might be mysterious, alluring, sexy and flirty, but they do not lack humour, and that was one of the reason why I fell in love with this book. Della and Martina, one a vampire, one a witch fast became Kylie's best friends in camp, their constant bickering might piss Kylie off, but it was the most hillarious part of  the book. If you think human arguing is interesting, dose yourself with supernatural bickering, you might just love it.

Swoon worthy : Being a girly teenager, a book is not complete without hot guys. Trey, Kylie's ex boyfriend broke up with her before she went off to camp. And when Kylie arrived at Shadow Fall's camp, she found herself attracted to half-fae Derek and werewolf-Lucas, who happened to be her former neighbour! Suddenly, she was involved in a messy love web, Trey wanted her back, she is still not sure of Derek, and she kissed the hot Lucas. Love web, my kind of story.

C.C Hunter's debut novel definitely carved a great impression in my mind, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

Awake at Dawn was released at October 11 2011.

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