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I never put down a Jennifer Echol's book before, so I guess that proved how much I admire her writing and her stories. Going too far was the first Jennifer Echol's novel I've read, and I couldn't stop reading that night, even if it cost me my sleep. And with Love story? I don't think I could sleep at all. It was worth the sacrifice though, can you believe that I stayed up till 5.30am just to finish it?

Despite the cliche title (which Erin, the main female protagonist thought so as well), it was an emotional and 'deep' read. Erin, a former rich girl was suddenly poor when she defied her wealthy grandmother in taking business major and took up creative writing instead. Since then, her grandmother had invested all her money on Hunter Allen, the stable boy who worked in her horse farm in Kentucky in hopes that he could take over Erin's place in looking after her farm. However, Hunter Allen is Erin's first love, and that did not help when he was a poor boy turned rich and is apparently attending the same college as she is in New York, and here's the thing, they are both in the same Creative Writing class.

Love story is a breath of fresh air. I had my share of typical high school romance (still I fall for them) and some jaw dropping ones but when it comes to Love Story, I am clueless in where I should categorize this sort of 'romance'. The romance between Erin and Hunter is partly passionate, longing, grudgeful, understanding,  let's just say a whole lot of complicated. I felt deeply connected to Erin and Hunter, and I felt the joy and sorrow and grudge that they held for each other, the emotions are so vivid!

Another thing that I admire about this book is that Jennifer had managed to capture the point of view of a writer perfectly, I know that any author could do so too because they are writers themselves, and just retelling their point of view in the words of a character, however it was quite different with Erin. And I quite enjoy 'participating' in their creative writing class too! I don't know how these classes go (considering I'd never been to one) but it definitely captured my interest and I think I'm going to apply for one in college. My point is, I think it's really creative that the characters uses writing as a way to express their feelings (particularly Hunter and Erin, which is very obvious in doing so) and it's the very first time that I read a book through the eyes of a character-writer. And I agree on one point, writers do read more into things.

The characters are lovable, I am normally annoyed with female protagonists who gets jealous easily and always go on and on about her dream guy, but I like Erin, I think she's strong and independent, and brave to defy her grandmother (who plays a big role in her income). Though I do occasionally roll my eyes at her for being rude :P As for Hunter, he is a nice guy with a lot to hide, I get his shame, his anger, and his love, and his rudeness too. See, they are meant to be! Yet, there is a part which I am quite unsure of. I couldn't seem to grasp the relationship between Erin and her grandmother. Erin doesn't hate her, but avoided her at any cost. Her grandmother disowned her, but still looked out for her in an odd twisted way (not going to give out spoilers). So, what's the deal?

So I finished my rant and to conclude this:

Read Love story. It's one of her best work.

Hunter - Colton Haynes.

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  1. I love how this story developed and the pieces of stories written by Erin and Hunter. I definetly recommend this book. Its a great book, once you start you can't put down.

  2. I agree! I finished it in a day.

  3. sounds get cnt wait to read it


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