Poetry #1 Bittersweet Symphony

by - Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bittersweet Symphony

The tune floated in the air
Melodious with an edge
Composed by the darkest heart
Surrounded with the warmest thread

The symphony orchestrated 
Portrayed a lonely soul
Entangled in a bundle of mess
Trapped in a deadly spiral net

The high note in the melody was his pain
The frantic notes were his confusion
The depressing tone was him failing
But it ended with a loud ding - a final suffering

Now the notes danced on a bubbly end
Warmth flooded us where we stand
I see the troubled man
Breaking free of his engulfing mesh

His fingers danced through the keys 
Ballad through the unstained perfection
The serenity bubble
Of the calming ambience he was whelmed in

A bittersweet symphony played
By a sentimental composer
In which the melody he creates
A reflecting mirror to his twisted state 

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