Give up the Ghost

by - Saturday, September 17, 2011

Song: Emily - From First to last

Cass/Cassie is a social misfit, a person who everyone hates and fears, and someone who could see ghosts. 
Being Cass has not been easy, she has no friends after her former best friend Danielle turned the whole school against her four years ago, and her social life dwindled even more with the death of her sister, Paige and how suddenly she found herself being able to commune with the dead. 

Cass has ghosts as friends and she doesn't do well with the living, in fact, the people hated her because she seemed to know every secret they possessed, and so they saw her as a freak, a threat. Yet, Cass was okay with that. When Tim, one of the VP started to talk to her and seek for her help, they both changed in the process of developing a friendship. 

It might be because of the song, or because I was emotional that day, I was bawling through the chapters. Cass seemed like a normal teenager with a special gift, I don't see her as a freak everyone thought she was, or even considering her to be an emo (she doesn't actually 'preach' about death nor was she suicidal), I respected her for her maturity and her sense of seeking out justice, although telling on people was not really the best way. I enjoyed reading from her perspective although I, as a reader could only experience her turmoil and her emotions from the sidelines, yet I felt like I relate to her well. 

Megan did a great job in describing Cass' family problems, it was a bonus that she never left out family values. And I praised her for making sense, it made so much sense that I cried. Weird huh? I also appreciated the fact that what Tim and Cass had was nothing romantic, it was about two friends who cared about each other (although I can't deny that I silently hoped they grow into something more, a sequel perhaps?). On that note, I also wanted to praise Megan for coming up with such humorous jokes, and oh, the lists. 

The only thing I hoped for was for Megan to elaborate more on certain parts of the story, the only complain I had for the entire story was that it was sort of short and there were several parts I think should be given more effort. Overall, the writing was smooth and easy to read, plus, I had a wonderful time being Cass. 

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