Curse of The Beast by Ashley Lavering (Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway)

by - Thursday, August 09, 2012

First of all, I would love to express my gratitude for having the chance to be a part of this amazing blog tour and to read this amazing story! Congratulations Author Ashley Lavering for your book release! 

Curse of the Beast (Curse of the Beast #1) - Ashley Lavering
Published : May 1st  2012 

A dark shadow stalks the night, watching her—waiting to claim what is his.

Seventeen-year-old Tayla Jonas longs for a simple life, but after a traumatizing family loss, she is forced to be both mother and sister to her cousins while caring for her mentally unstable aunt. Moving to her grandma's quiet town of Cody, Wyoming, Tayla finds some normalcy with her quirky green activist friend, Chel, who spends no time converting her to vegetarianism. 

A few weeks into her new school, Tayla catches the eye of Kyle Harrington—the high school quarterback and resident millionaire—who can seduce any girl with his charismatic charm, including Tayla. But Kyle is anything but what he seems.

Walking through City Park, Tayla is unaware that an ancient curse has her in its crosshairs. The silver moonlight illuminates the path to her van, sprinkling shadows like evil twinkling eyes. Tayla’s skin prickles, and she turns. Something—or someone—is watching her.

A powerful werewolf steps from the shadows. An iridescent blue chord shoots from him and slams into her stomach, dissolving instantly. Pain wracks her body, and she tries to scramble to safety, but his silver eyes freeze her in place as the curse binds them together. The chord settles deep inside her body, coiling with dread around her heart. 

Dismayed by the prospect of a werewolf for a shadow, Tayla fears for the safety of her friends and family. How will she keep the werewolf’s insatiable hunger in check? Her plans for a vegetarian lifestyle quickly dwindle away, and Tayla wrestles to fit her frazzled life back together—piece by piece. But what she didn’t expect was her attraction to the werewolf or the power of the full moon. 

Will Tayla be strong enough to survive the Curse of the Beast? Or will it consume her like so many before? Find out in the first installment of this unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Honestly, I am not much of a fan of a retelling or a remake, however I just couldn't resist the urge when the author had approached and offered me a chance to read her book : a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a werewolf twist, I knew I just couldn't refuse, and to my utter excitement, Curse of the Beast was the bomb! 

There are 3 things I absolutely loved about the story. 

1. Character development

We never really knew Belle before Beast took her away and kept her in his lair, but I appreciated that I got to know Tanya a bit more. From her creepily possesive admirer (he gave me the creeps, and I swear he has multiple personality) to her bubbly best friend and to her depressed aunt, we got to see the human and normal Tayla before she was 'kidnapped' by Beast. 

2. The unique werewolf twist.

If you thought that this is your ordinary werewolf story with the stereotypical werewolf traits, well, you aren't completely wrong, but I dare to say that the wolves seemed more menacing and mysterious! As the werewolves were only introduced in the later part of the story, we didn't really develop a deep understanding on how the "mysterious" wolves "run along", but we know enough to piqued our own curiosity and anticipate for the next book to come out! (I see what you did there Ms. Ashley *grins*) 

There's still the moon and the furry looking appearance, but I was especially amazed by how the author managed to add in her own "twists", which made the story even more magical. 

3. How everything was "woven" together

The perfect fairytale romance and the most desirable paranormal myth combined, this proved to produce an epic masterpiece! I was often left breathless at how gentleman-like Beast could be, yet at the same time completely animalistic and dangerous. The chemistry between Beast and Tayla made my heart flutter, and the ending nearly made me scream in desperation, I want the second book soon! 

Curse of the Beast is definitely a different kind of story as compared to other werewolves books I've come across, and I highly recommend you to give it a try! You will be introduced to a whole new breed of alpha-werewolves *howl*

(There was a small part of me that kept on fantasizing that this is Tyler and Caroline's own story - The Vampire Diaries..only, without Caroline being a bloodsucker) 

*As part of the blog tour fun, Ashley has agreed to give out one free ebook copy of Curse of the Beast to one lucky winner! * 

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  1. I love the disney version. Beauty is innocent and courageous. I love retellings too. This one sounds great because it has the werewolf adage.

  2. This sounds like a cool remake of the story. The wolf twist is interesting. Thanks for the chance! =)

  3. @Kelly I do agree!

    @Bessamy : You're welcome!

    Thank you guys for commenting =D


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