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Today is my stop for David Ferraro's Dark Genesis Blog Tour and I just wanted to congratulate him and thank everyone for stopping by my blog! 

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"Alyssa opened her eyes to darkness. And in the first flash of light provided by a gathering storm, she could make out a ring of bodies surrounding her.

With no memory of who she is, Alyssa stumbles into a dark world populated by witches. The witches are powerful, and demonstrate frightening powers, but even more terrifying are the monsters who rule over the land. Vampires, werewolves and other awful creatures of the night have taken over, forcing the witches behind stone walls, afraid to venture outdoors. But Alyssa finds that as she kills certain monsters, memories return to her, memories of a life on Earth, and the boy she left behind.

The quest to collect her memories and piece together the puzzle of what has happened to her is a daunting one, with betrayals and sacrifices every step of the way. But Alyssa is determined to fight for a world that is not her own, destroying powerful monsters along the way, so that she can return home to the boy she is coming to love through the memories she recollects."

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If you don't mind, we shall start with a few general questions about your book! What is your inspiration behind Dark Genesis. What makes you venture into the paranormal world of witches?

Well, I’ve read stories featuring different sorts of magic - like astral projection, using runes, seeing the future with tarot cards – so I thought that it would be fun to have a book where the world was populated by witches, and divided into covens by the sort of magic they practiced.  And years ago, my boyfriend and I were discussing creating a comic book about a group of people who traveled to a world ruled by monsters, so I sort of merged the two ideas into this one awesome story.

Did you have a favorite witch/wizard when you were growing up?
Harry Potter was a little too late for my childhood, and the witches that I read about in books were from L.J. Smith’s “The Secret Circle” and Cate Tiernan’s “Sweep,” mostly, and none of them really stand out as a favorite.  I read a ton of comics growing up, so there were certainly plenty of witches and wizards to choose from.  One comic I loved was “Excalibur,” an X-Men spin-off with characters like Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler.  There was a sorceress in the book named Amanda Sefton who I thought was really cool, and had some very memorable moments for me, so I think I would have to go with her.

Was there a particular life event that led you to write in one genre more than any other?

I wasn’t a very big reader until in junior high school when I got a box set of “teen thrillers” for Christmas one year, with authors like Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and Diane Hoh mixed in.  I went on a family trip to visit some family over a long weekend and ended up reading all of the books, and voraciously sought more out after that.  Growing up reading YA, I guess I just naturally fell into writing it as well.

Vampires and werewolves are getting more popular today, do you remember your first paranormal book?

I remember that one of the first teen books that I picked out for myself was “Demon Beach” by Nicole Davidson, and I was excited by the prospect of demons being involved.  But they weren’t.  It turned out to be a slasher book, like most of her stuff.  I can’t say that I was really disappointed, because Nicole Davidson ended up becoming one of my favorite authors growing up.  But I can’t recall my first supernatural book.  It was probably something by Christopher Pike, because he was everywhere at the time.

What was your best moment when writing Dark Genesis?

My best moment in any book is when I get to that point where the story sort of writes itself and all of the pieces just fall into place.  Sometimes characters kind of go down a different path than you expected them to, and it’s so satisfying to see where they end up.

If you have the chance to live in a world of your choice, what kind of world would you want to live in?

Not the one in Dark Genesis! A world where money doesn’t exist might be the way to go.

If you are stranded on an island with one of your characters, who would it be? And what kind of island will you envision?

It would definitely be Alyssa, because she’s so capable and would find a way for us to survive.  A beautiful island with a waterfall, and plenty to eat would be nice!

Writer's wall is a nightmare! How would you handle it?

You just have to keep writing.  If you write something that you delete later, it’s alright, as long as you keep doing it.  I do have to get up and do something for a break sometimes if I need to think, but otherwise I just keep at it until I have a breakthrough.

Top 5 random facts about you!

1- I love horror movies.  2 – I eat a protein bistro box from Starbucks almost every day for lunch.  3 – I love Mandy Moore.  4 - I’ve seen most of the Godzilla movies.  5 – I’ve been with my boyfriend for over twelve years.

What should readers expect about your newly published book?

They should expect to have a great time reading it.  It’s full of action, romance, magic and humor.  It has tons of classic monsters, but there’s some cool new twists on some monsters that people have come to know.  And I may have an idea for a sequel already…

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  1. I have to brag a bit here. I beta read this and LOVED it! And I have a MEGA crush on Dave!

    Still want the next Hunters of the Dark though *hint hint*

  2. @Nicole
    I have yet to read Dark Genesis *runs for cover* but I am starting it tonight! And thanks for sharing, now I have more enthusiasm to read it!

    *grins* I hope Dave's reading! haha!


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