My Blogger Diary #2 - On a week break

by - Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey guys, 

I will be on a one week break from blogging and work because it's the month of the Lunar New Year! As I'm back in my hometown with loads of cooking to do and tons of visitation to relatives houses, I won't be doing any reviewing or blogging related updates until Monday (23rd February) -except for Sunday, I will be doing my last Author of the Month feature for the month of February - Just writing a post to let you guys know! :D

Till then, see you guys real soon and have a great week ahead! 

Some really huge CNY celebration :P

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  1. Have a great week and enjoy the celebrations! Oh do you already know what you are going to cook? How do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? Or maybe you can do a post about that once you get back, here we don't celebrate that.

    1. Thank you! We do have a list of traditional foods that we cooked every year, mostly I will help out with the preparation :P We celebrate the new years with food and receiving red packets! Plus we will always go around visiting the other relatives.

      You just inspired me! I'll do a blog post after I am back! :D

      Thanks for commenting Lola!


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