My Blogger Diary #1 - Food Escapades!

by - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

My Blogger Diary is a new feature that I created just to share my random "escapades" and adventures as to fulfil my 2015 resolutions of being more active in blogging and self-fulfilled! It can be book or non-book related relating to an amazing moment or a heartbreaking incident that you are prepared to share with us :) If you are interested, you are always welcome to create a post of your own. I will be ecstatic if you could spread the feature around because I aimed to reach out to the blogging community and share our moments together, making it a happier place than it already is. 

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My random post today is inspired by a great afternoon out with my friends!

For the past few months, all of us were held up with work and school that we did not have time to properly enjoy an afternoon just hanging out and talking nonsense - because we can't take each other seriously - What started off our spontaneous escapade was a "Watsapp" message from one of my good friend, asking us out for lunch, and hell, one hour later we find ourselves embarking on an adventurous quest to find - food!
This picture of the sky, which I took in the morning itself signifies the start of a good day! 
And so "Waze" decided to lead us to this vintage/castle looking building to a wonderful cafe named The Metal Box. 

The view from the cafe
Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the restaurant (I'm too shy to do so!) but we had an outdoor sitting and a garden view, how beautiful. 

Croissant with sautéed mushrooms and turkey ham, coated with wine sauce.
And a chamomile tea!
All served under the sun :P 
We spent around 2 hours talking (and of course, feeding our phones with pictures of the food) before we paid the bills and search for another cafe, just for desserts. 

I mean, haven't you heard of the phrase :P

We ventured further and finally reached a cafe known as 7 cups and I had the most delicious waffle I've ever tasted. 

I also tried this unique flavoured soda drink which is a mixture of  Lavender and Lemonade. Refreshing on a hot sunny day! Loving the colour too. 

 I had tons of fun spending my afternoon with my besties, friends are always a good medicine when you are feeling down and lonely. 

(most left) Her name is Emily and she has a great "selfie-ing" skill :P 
Being with my friends reminded me that life can be fun and simple, the smiles are effortless and that time passes too quickly when you are having fun! This afternoon made me feel as if I'm living in one of the chic lits I've always been reading about, and it's not even the weekend yet! 

I wish you have a wonderful week too! :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderfull day and all that food makes me hungry. That lunch and the waffle look delicious. And I would love to try lavender flavoured soda once, never heard of that before!

    1. Yes indeed it was a fun and amazing trip! It was a food paradise :p I hope one day you have the chance to try it out too! :O Thanks for commenting Lola!


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