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by - Wednesday, February 25, 2015

“For the 500th time, the next few hours blurred into grays, whites, and lime greens, as I hunched on my saddle under The Amazing Race. It didn’t matter if the B’s (the boyfriends) trickled down around me like rain on an umbrella. Or if one, secure, agree- able, current boyfriend—B11—provided SFF substitutes for con-versation, hands, and lips. Writing, days and nights, breathing—my whole world—crippled into melancholia and made no sense if I didn’t have Jack.” -pg.6

“We texted; we didn’t text. Hurt and alone, I abused him digi- tally. He came over and stayed one hour and made sure I knew he wouldn’t be staying over. I felt like a whore and didn’t care. I didn’t have the energy to care. He left in a bad mood (no idea why) and I turned back on a TV show about the morbidly obese. It was becom- ing impossible to be pleasant. I wasn’t easy going, perky, positive, or happy enough for him; his influence on my emotional problems and my personality was an excruciating side effect of what we’d created. I bet this is where a dumb, boring, girlfriend comes in handy. Just shut up, smile and spread your legs.” pg.228

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Christy Heron has been writing professionally for the last thirteen years. She has written four novels, short stories, poetry and has just released her new "Anti" Romance Novel Unrequited – One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka this summer with great success. Her style is unique and her ability to relate to readers is innate. Ms. Heron paints vivid pictures through words; raw storytelling and vibrant detail making her audience feel as if each page has come alive. A tan, candid, Southern California blonde; however beyond the exterior she is an infinite collection of characters and stories. She loves to make her readers squirm and blush, just enough. Her boisterous, confident, yet deeply intimate personality dances on the pages of her books making them one of a kind. She is currently working on her follow up novels, Twenty Something and Blonde: A Tale of a Los Angeles Life on The Verge and Soulcrusher.

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