Review - Falling Out of Focus by Brynn Myers

by - Friday, June 30, 2017


Book Details

Falling Out of Focus
Author: Brynn Myers
Genre: Fantasy, New Adult, Coming of Age
Published: January 24th 2017

About the Book

I was drowning, but all I needed to do was breathe. 

It was 5:45pm when I decided my future. By 9:43 I was well on my way to making it all come true. At 11:16 I took the first step to make it a reality. At 11:17 I fell and found peace. 

When a dream of dying actually becomes a chance to live. All you have to do is fall.

My Review

Rating: ★★★★

I voluntarily read and reviewed a free copy of Falling Out of Focus provided by Xpresso Book Tours and the author. Thank you for the reviewing opportunity! 

Falling Out of Focus is the kind of book that transports you out of this world and into a world of its own, kind of like Alice falling through the rabbit hole but instead, you never wanted to leave. 

I dived into this book with zero expectations and no clue to where the story might lead, I was caught by surprise to see that the story took a fantastical twist (I did not check the genre before requesting for a copy - blame it on the gorgeous cover!). The blurb revealed not a single snippet of the story but rather as a prelude to the main events, and this only left readers desperate to find out more. 

I really loved Myers' writing, the world building was so vivid my imagination was running wild with each scene and mythical characters (a talking otter?!). Novi was a character who I was irrevocably drawn to since the start and the pull towards her character grew with each passing moment. 

If you are into fairy tale retellings, particularly Alice in the Wonderland, I highly recommend you to add this to your must-read! A beautiful tale of self-discovery you'd never want to miss. 

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