Tell Me Something Tuesday #5

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2012

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Tell Me Something:

Do you like cliffhanger endings in books?

This is a very subjective question for me.

To me, it all depends on the story actually, but most of the time I didn't mind cliffhangers, in fact I welcomed them because they made me psyched about the next book. However, there are a few rare occasions where cliffhangers annoyed me (especially if it's in every book of a never-ending series) to the extent that I have no desire to continue the series, or put off the series until I felt like reading it. Or worse, if a series ended with an unresolved question, it really pisses me off because I felt as if I have just wasted hours of my time reading a pointless story and being left confused.

I love cliffhangers, only if they were 'used' in correct times.

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  1. If an issue wasn't resolved by the end of the series, I would go crazy! I hate it when that happens. Love your answer! :)

  2. Good answer! I completely agree. I hate series that drag on forever.

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  3. Natausha, I think that is the worst of all reading a whole series and not gertiting the final answers! I hate that. I love the banner, I am glad you got it fixed. Your blog looks great.

  4. I guess I'm not reading the right things since I haven't come across any series that drags on and on and ends each book with a cliffhanger. I really don't want to know what that is, either; it would drive me crazy! Great answers, Natasha! :)
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  5. Perfect answer! I couldn't agree more with you!

  6. Great answer girl!!!! LOL. Thanks for being part of the TMST meme this week! I totally agree cliffhangers should be used appropriately. Maybe we should hold a class that all writers must attend and teach them the way of the Cliffhanger! LOL.

  7. I feel the same way. If it's a series ender, it would be nice to have all things wrapped up and all questions answered. I prefer substantial cliffies when it was meant for a new book coming in the horizon just as long as it doesn't require me to reach for an oxygen tank but then most cliffies do that. :D


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