Tell Me Something Tuesday #7

by - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Tell Me Something

What do you feel about love triangles?

Love and Hate it.

Few years back when I was still a Twi hard, I adore love triangles, Twilight was the one who got me into the whole paranormal romance scene and love triangles just grew on me from there. However, Twilight was also the starting point of my reading journey. After 2 years of reading, now I just wanted to find a book that have a straightforward romance with a guy and a girl deeply in love with each other. Perhaps it was the amount of books I've read that influenced my view on love triangles, these days I just find love triangles to be overrated and I will automatically rule out books with love triangles in it. And paranormal romance genre these days are getting incredulous. I don't understand how a girl could love 3-4 guys at the same time.

However, there are some love triangles that still do appeal to me so I couldn't say that I completely hate it. Those love triangles were unique, perhaps it was because of a kickass heroine, or something equally worth investing in.

So in conclusion, I love high quality 'love triangle'...

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Happy Tuesday.

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  1. This week we all seem to be in agreement. If only authors would take note! We are tired of love triangles. Try something else!

  2. Good post, Nat! I have to admit that I liked the Twilight love triangle, because for Bella, a lot of it was based (with Jake) on friendship that blossomed into love because Edward had left her = believable. But I agree that a girl loving 4-5 guys...what is up with that? I don't understand it! :(

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  3. I like a "high quality" love traingle too! LOL. Great post! I liked the triangle in Twilight too. it must be "quality" he he he.

    But yeah the books where its like 4-5 guys that is NASTY!!!!
    Thanks for being part of TMST! you rock!

  4. Ugh.. love triangle just sucks =/ I wish they quit it.

    P/S New Follower @ When She Reads

  5. I think we've all gotten just a little bit tired of love triangles in general. For me it's harder and harder to find one I do tolerate. But I totally see what you mean. If it's well done, I can deal. :)
    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  6. You've summed it up PERFECTLY. If triangles weren't EVERYWHERE, I don't think I'd mind... but now all I want in the world is a straight forward romance, where the two leads just share a genuine connection >___<

    GREAT answer!


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