Tell Me Something Tuesday #17

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Do you support your local library and take advantage of all it has to offer?

Well, back in my small and isolated hometown (I used to live in a small tourist island before I moved out to continue my tertiary studies in the big city), the libraries were scarce with ancient and worn out books, some even dated back to the 60s! I used to visit the library when I was younger, but stopped going after I exhausted all of their story books and they don't seem to bring in new ones. So that somehow discouraged me from visiting the libraries and I seek for books elsewhere (and I happened to discover.. Netgalley!). I also preferred to buy new books instead of secondhand ones so I visited the book-stores more than I do with the library.

I guess old habits never die. After I moved out to the big city, I still haven't step foot into the local library (eventhough it is the national library, just imagine the amount of books they have!) except for the one in my university. Although I am an avid reader, but libraries are just not the place for me.

But I wouldn't mind if the library is like something out of Harry Potter. :P

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I hope you will explore your library. There are so many things you can take adventure of, even ebooks and audiobooks. Thanks for doing TMST :)


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