Angel Evolution (Evolution Trilogy #1) by David Estes

by - Monday, May 07, 2012


When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice.

Something about her scares her. 

Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of  a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation : evolution. 

I have no expectations for the story but to just pick up the book, hoping for a good read on a slow night. But what I received in returned was 360 kinds of "unexpected". Angel Evolution has challenged my perception on angels and demons, altering my perspective and introduced me to a new bred of these biblical creatures. I will never look at demons the same way again. (Well, demons are kinda, hot. They can, you know, wolf down 12 slices of pizza in one meal, a talent I found to be very useful....)

I was literally hooked from the first page. I am very particular on the beginning of the book because I couldn't stand a slow start, that was why I was blown away by the very descriptive and vivid first chapter. Gosh, I have yet to calm down from the thrill. While some chapters were brief and short and the others of moderate length, the story was not lacking in any other way! A fact which I found surprising. I thought the story progressed smoothly and I admit, it had me seating at the edge of my seat (or bed, if that matters) and biting on my own lips, something I haven't do in way too long. Angel Evolution definitely brought back old memories when I used to obsess over Patch (Hush Hush) and Alex (Angel Trilogy)!

While the author continually surprise me with some "fun facts" about the angels and demons, I was also in complete awe with the characters, and this has also become one of the few rare books I've read where I adore the secondary characters as much as I do with mains. I appreciate the fact that Taylor, despite being average and plain, was a strong and confident teenager. She is daring to speak out her mind and have quite a dominant personality. She refused to be changed into someone she's not, and most importantly, she is close to her family, something I found lacking in YA novels these days. As for Gabriel, I would have to say he is the one and only character that I couldn't wrap my mind around. His thoughts and actions were so contradicting, he confused and surprised me most of the time. I couldn't figure out if he is on the good or bad side, and to be honest, he gave me a "jerk/jock/sinister" impression the first time I "met" him. I actually felt his pain when he was tormented for the fact that he build his relationship with Taylor based on lies and deceit. To me, he was a confused young boy (or angel) who found love for the first time.

I found their relationship to be  completely refreshing because Taylor started off attracted to him, yet fearing him at the same time, at least Taylor does possess some sense of self preservation.

While I love Taylor and Gabriel, I also equally loved the bubbly and easygoing Chris and Sam. Sam is the typical beautiful cheer-leading type every girls wanted to be, but on the contrary to the norm, she was such a caring and concerned friend, it was impossible to hate her. On the other hand, you would never believed that Chris was a demon, then again, you would have your "concept" on demons changed drastically after reading this, it makes me want to adopt a gargoyle as a pet instead! Chris, despite being a creature of the dark, was amazingly sweet and flirtatious, I couldn't resist his charm, and like Sam, I fell a little bit in love with him too. (Oh who could have resist his boyish charm and humor?)

While the characters will grow on you, the storyline will keep your heart pounding. Half of the time I found myself laughing and grinning like a complete idiot, and the next I would be racking my brain trying to figure out what would happen next. One word. Original. When you read plenty of paranormal fiction, you would find how great it feels to read something different, something new!

The writing didn't disappoint, and I was actually nervous for the battle (the climax of the story). I thought that it ended perfectly, with a fist-pounding cliffhanger in the end *grunts*. Though I was a bit let down by how easily Taylor and Sam accepted Gabriel and Chris (I expected more of a show of emotions), it was funny to read about Taylor's reaction though!

A trilogy worth reading, soon enough I'll be scouting for the next book!

This is actually how I pictured the gargoyle ...

I always wanted one ....

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  1. Love the cover and your review! Will be putting it on my TBR but honestly probably won't read until all books are out .
    My head is swamped with too many series right now.
    My heart can't handle anymore.

    1. Thank you!

      Book 2 and 3 is out already actually, but I totally get it when you say there's too many series! I can hardly keep up!

      Good luck to both of us, haha! :D

  2. Oh whoa, I am SO happy to see such high praise of this book! I won it in a giveaway a while back but to be honest I have not given it much thought since. I'll have to put this in my pile for next month! :)

    Awesome review!

    1. Thank you for your great feedback. I honestly loved this book and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


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