Farewell 2012 & a Happy New Year 2013

by - Tuesday, January 01, 2013


        A very happy new year to all my fellow bloggers and readers! I hope 2012 has done you great (it was awesome for me as I started my University life and met tons of new and interesting people) and hope 2013 will be better for all of us! 2012 has been dreadfully slow for my blog but I did encountered a couple of great books besides my textbooks!



**Wattpad is the perfect place to share your work and read other writer's stories, definitely a friendly place for blooming authors and a heaven for fan-fic/fiction loving readers.**

I had found several stories that I enjoyed on Wattpad (and thought that they should be published) that I just wanted to share and promote!

Reapers - Thirteen Brothers- Tsubame  (Paranormal)
The Replacement Girlfriend - AubreyEatsHearts  (chick-lit, humor)
Late Summer Rain - AubreyEatsHearts  (chick-lit, humor, short story)


        I am determined to make the best out of 2013! Now that I had a year to get used to Uni life, I am pretty sure I will be better at managing my time between blogging and homework. So far I've signed up for a few upcoming blog tours so please keep a lookout (special thanks to Amber from Amber Supernatural and YA Reviews!) Also, I will try to write and post more reviews, I am seriously behind my reading, so let's hope 2013 be good to me.

My blogging goals :

1) Organize more giveaways.
2) Participate in more blog tours/ cover reveals.
3) Blog hop.
4) Read at least 50 books. Write at least 50 reviews.
5) Revamp my blog. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and a very Happy New Year once again to all of you guys! Make a wish! :)

Here's a survey form I created, kindly please take a few minutes to answer them to give me your honest feedback on my blog! I will very much appreciate it!

Let's start writing for the year 2013 ;)

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