The Impostor, A Love Story by Tiffany Carmouche

by - Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Impostor, A Love Story by Tiffany Carmouche
Published : October 1st 2012 

       I do not know whether I should be awed by the thrilling story plot or the swooning romance. Not many authors can pull through a good thriller, especially something as nail biting as this one, but I have to admit that every ounce of my being was spooked, psychopaths are my favorites!

        To properly start off my review, The Impostor will set your heart on a race, not only because you are falling for the male characters, but because the "goriness" and the "feeling of being stalked" was perfectly described that it felt real enough. With my lights on and curtains drawn, I could still feel my goosebumps, thumbs up for that!

        One thing that stood out in this story is the effort the serial killer put in just to reel in his prey, disguising himself as one of the good to earn the trust of Nicole, the female protagonist (I can't reveal the name of the sadistic character as I would have given away a HUGE part of the story). I have to say it takes patience to create the perfect set up, and of course the patience and passion of the author to write the story. I had came across thrillers that seemed a little bit too rushed and that just ruined the fun.

        Despite the brutal murders taking place, Alaska has been warmer than I thought! It was easy to adapt to the community there especially when we are reading from Nicole's point of view. I sympathizes her because she came from an abusive background, my heart ached for her at how she was treated before, her dreams was crushed, not to mention her bones were crushed along by her terrifying ex-husband Ronald. On the other hand, I respected Nicole because she prioritizes her daughter above all, although I wish the story would feature her relationship with her daughter more.

        As Nicole moved to Alaska, she met two amazingly dashing guys who are beautiful in their own ways. Another love triangle? Well, I would admit that I love this triangle more than I should, and I could not wait to see how it turns out. That must have said something huh? Dylan Richardson, being one of my favorite character plays an important part in giving Nicole back her confidence, and I started rooting for Brad at the end of the story. The teaser was a killer! I just have to start reading the next book right away!

        Of course, Nicole's best friend, Emily was one of the biggest influence in her life, every character in the story shines! The author definitely made sure of that! Even the psychopath played his role well.

        An amazing read! Moving on to next book immediately!

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