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A Shot of Bourbon (The Bourbon Series #1)

By A.C. Land
Genre: Contemporary
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: BookFish Books

In the little highway town of Bourbon, Missouri, deadly secrets lurk behind Southern charm. 

Seventeen year old Charli Valentine didn’t expect to spend the last few weeks of summer break nursing a broken heart, icing a black eye, and watching her ex kiss another girl. Since being a good girl has gotten her nothing but heartache, Charli decides to give rebellion a try. She pigs out, drinks, and hangs with Luke Parker, the son of the infamous Bourbon Butcher. 

But there’s more to Luke than meets the eye. His tough exterior and terrible dialect hide a good person despite his bad boy reputation. No matter how hard he tries to fight it, Luke is drawn to Charli’s innocence and finds her clumsiness too charming to resist. Though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, neither can resist the magnetism drawing them together.

When Charli discovers a box in her mother’s closet, she pieces together the truth about Bourbon’s past and uncovers a deadly secret about her family. And once Luke learns of it, he vows to protect Charli no matter the cost.

Sacramento Regular

I stepped into line behind a guy I recognized immediately. Chills shot up my spine the way they did when I dipped my foot in a cold pool. He twirled a worn looking cigarette between his fingers. It slipped over his dirty knuckles before sliding between his thumb and forefinger. The cigarette had finger impressions all over the filter and dirty smudge marks across the white paper. I wondered how long he’d been twirling it for it to look that way.

Lucas Parker had always fascinated me. I didn’t know what it was about him. Maybe the fact that he was overbearingly protective of his brother, Collin. Or that he worked so many hours at his incarcerated father’s failing auto shop. Or maybe because his family was the only one my mother had explicitly told me to stay away from.. 

A.C. Land

Author of the Bourbon Series, A.C. Land has been a lover of stories since she first read about Peter Pan giving Wendy an acorn and teaching her to fly. A.C. always dreamed of telling big stories about small towns.

Residing on a cattle farm in Missouri, A.C. loves playing with her rambunctious Jack Russell, Riley, making decorative cakes, taking pictures, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, and hanging out with her nephews.

You can find and contact A.C. Land here:

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10. Camelot.

The lovely gated community of Camelot is home to the upper elite. Everyone who’s anyone can be found here. This is a fine place for you, as long as your last name isn’t Parker, to come and consume A nice Shot of Bourbon.

9. Parker’s Garage.

Located on the wrong side of town, Parker’s Garage isn’t much to look at, it was left abandoned after the owner went to jail, but inside is a car lift. If you handle it properly this lift can take one (or two) to the moon. It’s the perfect place for you to enjoy a night looking at the stars, or even A Shot of Bourbon.

8. The park.

A lot of the local boys take advantage of the basketball court. With the rusted rim, and no hoop, the basketball court is a fine place for you to go and enjoy boy watching…uh, I mean A Shot of Bourbon.

7. The trailer park.

It’s no Camelot. It stinks. And some of the residents are, uh, less than savory. But rest assured bottoms up, you won’t get busted, or ratted on for drinking your Bourbon here.

6. Mid-State Correctional Institute.

Okay, no, it’s not technically in Bourbon. But rules don’t really apply here. Bring your Bourbon. Bring your girlfriend. The butchers have been waiting a very long time for some company.

5. The pharmacy.

They’re very lax on rules. Unless, of course, your last name’s Parker. Then you may need a fairy godmother named Charli to help you procure your bourbon. 

4. Charli’s Mini Cooper.

Now here’s a romantic spot if you’re just learning how to take a Shot. Unless, of course, you’ve, uh, been taking them for years.

3. The grocery store.

It isn’t much to look at, but it’s all there is for shopping around here. As long as you don’t piss of the cashier. In which case, you can get your bourbon and get out. 

2. The Country Club

If you watch your step and mind your tongue this is the perfect place to make a connection. With the scenic view and the unlocked back door you might even find yourself losing your shoes…or your shirt. Bring the bottle. This place might require a little bit of your time and more than just one shot.

1. The River

It runs right by town and you can hear it if you listen. The river is the perfect place to stop, wade in, and take a nice shot. Unless you find yourself in over your head. Then, of course, you may be happy you met those Parker brothers after all. Enjoy your bourbon while it lasts. The river water’s rising.

I'd take a shot of Bourbon for the cover and another one just for Luke Parker.

I'm usually a sucker for romance (even the cheesy kind!) so how could I pass up on the opportunity of reading Charli and Luke's version of Romeo and Juliet? I was infatuated with the characters to the point where Luke Parker appeared in my dream and kissed me on the lips, just like what he did with Charli, and I woke up feeling extremely longing (don't judge! The dream was that vivid :p)

My Luke!
Anyway, I got to stop thinking with my ovaries and start writing some serious review.

I really enjoyed AC Land's writing, the story was narrated from both Charli and Luke's perspective therefore we got to experience the story from dual perspectives, which made the reading experience much more better. I was caught up in the story right from the start and the writing kept me curious till the end. The quest to find out Charli's birth father was a great build up to the story, there were so many puzzling questions that were introduced in the prologue that prompted the readers to delve further into the story, making the book an engaging read. 

The chemistry between Charli and Luke was sizzling hot, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that the secondary characters were given as much thought as the mains, I really loved how the author narrated Collin and Luke's bromance and Lonna and Charli's friendship and it made me connect with the story even more. However, there were also times where I felt the story progressed rather slowly, and I was irritated at the fact that Charli was so accepting of Bo's behaviour (I totally would call on his bullcrap!), but when everything falls into place in the ending, it was all worthwhile :P 

I can't wait for book 2! Thank you Lola's Blog Tours for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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