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by - Friday, October 28, 2016

Title: When I Found You
Author: Jennifer Domenico
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Wicked by Design
Photographer: Sara Eirew
Editor: Mad Hatter Press
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It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen. I was slowly getting over losing the one woman that ever meant anything to me, unsure if that one special person was out there. And then… I heard the sweetest voice and looked up into the most captivating eyes I’d ever seen. She said her name was Chanel, and in that moment, all I wanted was for her to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found her.

It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything interesting to happen. I had given up on love and the hope that there was one special person just for me. And then… I saw him. Rhys Camden, the man I had crushed on for years. I summoned every ounce of confidence and said hi. When he looked at me with the warmest eyes I’d ever seen, I just wanted to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found him.

This is a companion novel to If I Told You. It can be read as a standalone, but the author recommends reading If I Told You for the full backstory and character arc of Rhys Camden.

One day, many months ago, Jennifer Domenico went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams.

When she awoke, she felt compelled to write it down. So she did. The result was her first novel, Turn Towards the Sun and a writing career was born.

Ms. Domenico lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and a wicked sweet tooth.

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I voluntarily received and reviewed a free copy of this book, much thanks to the host and author!

When I Found You is the companion novel to If I Told You, although it can be read as a standalone, the author recommends you to read If I Told You to understand more about Rhys Candem's background. 

In a nutshell: This is a story about two strangers who crossed path and founded love. Rhys is nursing a heartbreak and Chanel was trying to get over her horrific past, they never knew a chance encounter on a regular day could ignite a spark so intense, it became something more. Sounds promising? Like the romance junkie I am, I jumped at the book the first chance I got. 

While I do love Rhys and Chanel - both of them seemed like the perfect fit! - Unfortunately, the story fell short and I almost DNF-ed it. I consider myself as a speed reader, but this book definitely broke my record as the fastest read ever. I really liked how Rhys helped Chanel in overcoming the demons of her past and how Chanel opened Rhys heart to discover love again, however 90% of the book was intricately describing their sexual relationship. Too much of anything, is too much. I ended up skipping most scenes of the book and that was where the points were greatly reduced. 

Overall, the story has potential but I wished the characters to be more developed. 

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