October Wrap Up 2016

by - Sunday, October 30, 2016

October has always been my favorite month and I'm super proud of what I had achieved throughout this month - it's record breaking! 

I'm sorry I haven't been blog hopping much this month, work was crazy and I normally had to schedule my posts to keep up to date. I'll try to visit your blogs more often because I missed reading your posts :( Hope November is more easy going :)

Here's what happened in: 

Mandela Script Personal Use Regular

- Books Read This Month -

Chasing Truth by Julie CrossTwisted Palace by Erin WattThe Best Part of Me by Jamie HollinsMake Me Forget by Anna BrooksLove Amplified by Ann Marie FrohoffCrazy, Sexy, Ghoulish by G.G. Andrew
Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O'Roark
- November's TBR -

I'm pretty excited with my November's TBR because they are all paranormal! 

Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost, #1)Desire in Frost (Crystal Frost, #2)Inspired by Frost (Crystal Frost, #3)Damned if I Do (The Harker Trilogy #1)Damned if I Don't

- Blog's Updates - 

This month is just so crazy! I actually achieved my October blog goals! 

October Blog Goals 

 5 paranormal books  (checked)
Try out the horror genre (checked, anyone else is watching Season 6 of AHS?)
25 blog posts (33 + 1 new post! - The highest in my blogging history till date.)
Do a Halloween-themed post (you can check it out here)

Here are my top 3 most viewed posts: 

- Life's Updates - 

October Life's Goals 

Lose at least 1 lb this month (I actually did it!!)
Learn how to fishtail braid - hair is my weakness! (Ugh, I still can't get it right)
Book photography (I set up a new Instagram account for my blog!)

Challenging myself to 1 week of vegetarian food (I lasted for 3 days :p)

- November Goals -


30 blog posts 
Blog hop more often
Post 5 reviews
Read 3 contemporary romance books


Post 5 bookish photos on Instagram (because bookish photos are so hard!)
Go to gym at least 3 times a week
Experiment with avocado 

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  1. I love the addition of a goals section during monthly Wrap Ups! I hope they keep you motivated, I might to look into this.

    1. Thank you! They do and that's why I keep doing them :D I realised short term goals are much more effective than long term ones because they seemed more realistic. Hope you do too! :D

  2. Great job completing your October goals! I hope you enjoy Damned If I Do and Damned If I Don't next month!

    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog

    1. Thank you!! I am really looking forward to the Harker series, I can't wait to delve into it!

    2. Well I love books with vampires so I added this onto my TBR!

    3. Same here! I requested it right away :p Haven't had a good Vampire read in a long time!

  3. Oh! I love how you do your wrap up! I really like how you check off goals and how it's set up. I've been meaning to check out the Royals but just haven't gotten around to it. I'll have to check out your instagram! I haven't been posting on there and I really need to again.

    I hope you have a fantastic November.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    1. Thank you! I set a few goals just to keep myself motivated and I feel really bad if I did not check off any items off my list :) The royals are set on ruining us! I hope you have a chance :) Thanks!! I'll check out yours too! :D I am in love with the bookstagram world <3

      Have a fantastic November to you too!


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