A Penny For Your Thoughts #1

by - Sunday, January 04, 2015

Extracted from The Book Cove  (Blog Hop Host)
Words touch us all in different ways. Sometimes the original intent of a quote resonates so profoundly with us that it is hard to believe that another wrote it. Other times it is a single word, peculiar phrasing, or an alternative meaning regarding an event in our lives that resonates the most. I believe in the power of starting the day (and week) off with a positive thought -- and so was created A Penny For Your Thoughts. This is a weekly blog hop that will feature quotes of all kinds; classics, character, book-movie, personal, etc. The themes will range from funny to serious, but really it all depends on how you interpret it! How does this work?      

  1. Every Sunday a quote will be posted
  2. Post your thoughts on your blog and/or the comment section
  3. Join up on the Linky and visit other bloggers - Linky will not be active until day of post
  4. Collect the pennies! Every week there will be a new penny to collect and include with your post
  5. In order for me to keep track of entries easily, I need your sites submitted to this form as well so that they can be uploaded to a raffle generator. This form will remain open so that you can submit links whenever you get the chance (e.g., before they go live). 
  6. On the last Saturday of every month the entries from the form above (not Linky) will be entered in a drawing. You get as many entries as you have pennies for the month. Prizes will include books, gift cards, site promotion, and other bookish winnings!
  7. Have fun! Please re-post these steps so that followers understand the process.

~ My Thoughts ~ 

Friendship, a term so subjective that its definition differs for each and every one of us. I do agree that every friendship begins with an acknowledgement of something common between one man and another, I always get excited when I found out a stranger (soon to be friend! :P) shares the same hobbies and music as I do! But true friendship develops after there was a mutual understanding and acceptance. However, not every friendship is build on such a simple foundation, some goes deeper and way beyond the customary, some friendship started off as sworn enemies that evolved into an unbreakable bond. My own definition of a friend is someone who would care about you without any reasons or objective, but simply because they value you and cherish you in their life.

~ YAY! My first penny! ~ 

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  1. "My own definition of a friend is someone who would care about you without any reasons or objective" I love that definition because sometimes we think of friends as someone we've known forever but there's been times where I've met a stranger for 5 minutes and felt more connected than someone I've known my whole life.

    1. That is so true! Which is why I love to make new friends :) Thank you for stopping by! :D


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