What does a day in your life looks like?

by - Friday, January 30, 2015

Thank you Lola from Lola's Ramblings for being the inspiration behind this random blog post, this is a sneak peek of what my daily routine would be like (although I always seem to have spontaneous changes in plans), please do leave a comment or write a blog post instead! I'd love to check yours out! :D

~Waking up and breakfast~

Probably the hardest thing I have to do all day. I don't have a fixed time for waking up but it always involve the alarm clock. The time I wake up very much depends on the time I have to get to school -it never reaches 10am, sadly :( - But on normal school days, I would wake up at 7am (or rather lie on the bed until it's 7.30am and remembers I have an 8am class), realize it's the time to rush to school, probably skip breakfast because I don't have the time and try to be punctual. If my class starts at 9am, I would normally settle for a cup of hot milk or go to the wet market to get something "cheap" to eat. As now I am on my 3 months break but currently working as a research assistant in my school (attending labs and doing practicals all day long), I still have time to have breakfast with my friends in our favourite coffee shop before clocking in for work. 

~Studying/Working time!~

Our timetable changes every semesters but normally my class would start at 8am and ends at 6pm, if we are lucky, there will be class cancellations :P -every students' dreams~. The usual routine would be attending lecturers, practicals and tutorials, and sometimes I will be the one doing the tutoring! :P When class ended, I would then have dinner with my schoolmates in one of the restaurants in the campus and hang around until 7.30pm, you can safely say that my university campus is my second home. 

A look at my campus! 

~ Back at home where it is too late to do anything yet too early to sleep ~ 

I am in the constant state of lethargy but extremely stubborn to go to bed. I need some "me" time! Normally after I come back home, I face 3 difficult options:

a) Shower immediately - but always drag until it's 11 pm because I felt too full to move after dinner, like a sated snake. 

b) Go onto my social accounts - Facebook and Instagram - and begin checking for notifications and replying to my emails, personal, school and blogging related. 

c) After ensuring all of my messages for the day have been checked and replied, it's time for a dose of online gaming (I normally play DOTA 2 with my guy friends) in which I will spend probably 2-3 hours doing so. And yes, it's 11pm, back to point "a" where I probably need to shower :P

It's a pretty awesome game, okay I love it :P

But of course, I'm a very efficient procrastinator, I would most likely study when it's almost time for exams. If I am overloaded with assignments and reports, I would normally complete 50% of them before I proceed with other hobbies. When I'm not playing online games, I would go on Pinterest and youtube to check out for DIY crafts, or visiting Bloglovin and replying to my favorite blogs or discovering new ones! If I have extra time, I would write a random blog post or post up my scheduled post for the day. (The benefits of different time zones :P)

~ Time to head to bed, to procrastinate even more! ~

After a long day of work, I would "chillax" on my bed with my laptop, good music playing on spotify and curl up with a good movie or book. If the book/movie really gets addictive, say hello to eye bags the next morning! I would always sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 7 the next morning. Regrets it every day :P 

This would be my normal daily routine for the weekdays, unless my friends have the brilliant idea of heading to town for dinner, in which we will end up coming home at 10 pm, too late to procrastinate and being stressed rushing our assignments and homework for the next day. #lifeofastudent 
Just me, hanging out in a random pie restaurant :p
~ 3 months break ~ 

As mentioned previously, I am currently on my 3 months holiday break but working as a research assistant in my uni to clear off my scholarship hours, I have the chance to return home earlier and more time to cook dinner or invest in blogging! But more time also means extra time to hang out with friends so normally we would go for cafe hopping or a day out in the cinema. When I have a week or so time off from my job, I will take a flight back to my home to visit my family! :)

~ Out of the norm ~ 

Weekends are very "subjective" to me, often it will be packed with activities starting from shopping for groceries in the morning, to going out on dates, evening tea and dinners in fancy restaurants! Every Saturday nights will also be filled with badminton from 8 to 10pm and supper afterwards! (yes, pretty ironic). Sundays will be more laid back where I would have the chance to pick up my favourite novels and spend the entire day reading it, or more often, I would have to spend the entire day with my beloved textbooks :P 

I love to live in the moment, so I don't really have a scheduled routine, I love making spontaneous plans and so these are what I would normally do when I'm out of random ideas on how to spend my day. What about you? 

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  1. When I had school I always was awake as soon as my alarm clock went and I had to make time for breakfast, because I ocne lef thouse without breakfast and almost fainted, so since then I always eat breakfast first.

    Wow your campus looks impressive! It looks like a nice place to study and how cool you have multiple restaurants on campus. Here in the Netherlands we don't have campus, although most universities are in a city so you usually don't have to walk to far for food.

    OMG a pie restaurant, that sounds fabulous. Now I want pie!

    Thanks for sharing your daily routine, it was fun to read. And thanks for linking back to my post!


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