2015 - A Year of Change

by - Thursday, January 01, 2015

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To all of my beloved friends and readers, 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful and amazing New Year! 

Make this year happen! Fulfil your dreams! Make 2015 a year filled with unforgettable memories! 

Life is too short to dwell on our own insecurities, I really do hope that 2015 will be a good one for all of you :)

Step out of your comfort zone 

Based on my own personal experience, I really do feel that the best way to enjoy life is by first conquering your fears. I used to fear heights, but after forcing myself to jump off a 20m high building, I realized, the feeling was exhilarating! 

~ that was actually me, suspended in mid-air!  ~

Love what you do, and try something new!

If blogging is what you love, never stop, and always improvise. Travel to all the different places, get to know more people, learn a new talent that you never have (I'm learning how to make up!), make your life even more colorful than it already is :) 
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Positive thinking is the key to happiness

No one is responsible for your happiness except yourself. The hardest battle is the battle with your own thoughts! No one can make you feel down unless you allow them to, stop over-thinking and happiness will come naturally! 
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  1. Happy 2015 Natasha!

    Congrats on overcoming your fear of heights! I had to chance to zipline at the Escape theme park in Penang and I fell in love with the feeling of flying through the air. It's a really wonderful feeling, and I hope to have the opportunity to zipline again.

    I absolutely agree with what you said on positive thinking. Be your own boss!

    1. I've always wanted to travel when I grow up. Good luck with learning make up! I'm not old enough for it yet but it certainly is a fun thing to pick up.

      And lastly, happy blogging and I hope you read tons of great books in 2015!

    2. Hi!

      Happy New Years to you! (again! :P haha..I am still not over the hype of 2015) That was taken during my visit to Escape Park and I have to say, I came home full of bruises and scars, but the trip was totally worth it! I would have revisit it if given the chance! :D

      I hope you can make your dreams come true :) Travelling has been such a huge part of my dream since I was young and I am really hoping to cross that out in my bucket list!

      I am learning make up because I feel that it is an art of itself that I cannot master, and it's frustrating because I see everyone doing it with ease :P hahaha! Happy blogging to you too and I hope you have the chance to visit the Big Bad Wolf this year!


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