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by - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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by Eliza Green 
(Feeder, #1) 
Publication date: November 29th 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

You have to keep moving forward, he says.

But I am afraid of change.

Change will kill me.

When their hometown of Brookfield is poisoned by radiation, seventeen-year-old Anya Macklin and her older brother Jason are relocated to the safe but boring urbano of Essention.

While Jason is put to work, Anya is enrolled in the adult skills course at Arcis, a secretive and heavily monitored education facility. There she must compete with other teenage recruits and earn her place in society by reaching the top floor.

At first, Anya fears change, and is reluctant to advance. But then she meets Dom Pavesi, a brooding, evasive stranger who drives her to discover the rules of this dangerous game where there can be only one winner.

Who is Dom? Which side is he on?

And what terrible truth awaits Anya on the ninth floor of Arcis?

Feeder is Book 1 in the Feeder series.

I received a free copy of this book provided by Xpresso Book Tours and the author. Thank you for the reviewing opportunity! 

With famous names like Maze Runner and Hunger Games associated with the dystopian/sci-fi genre, there are a lot to live up to. Although I'm new to the author's works, there is a lot of potential with this series. 

I have to admit one thing, though. I requested this book right after reading the blurb and was a little bit disappointed when the start of the book did not suck me in right away. In fact,  I had a hard time getting into the story for the first 40% of the story or so and was easily distracted by other books. Hence, explaining my 4 stars rating. However, the author managed to weave a good amount of mystery to keep it interesting and engaging and things did pick up from there. 

As for the characters of the story, I find myself to be most fascinated with Dom. He's mysteriously attractive and his hot and cold relationship with Anya makes it even more exciting. I can't wait to uncover more of him. On the other hand, Anya is a great character with lots of depth, and yet at times her childish behavior made me want to punch something. 

Overall, I like the idea of the story and believe that it has much potential to grow. The only issue I have with the book was its pace and sometimes the way Anya acted. With that aside, I would recommend this book to those of you who love a dose of dystopia. 

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  1. I don't think I've heard of this one before now. It sounds really interesting and different. I hate when characters are acting really immature or childish too. Makes me crazy. Great review!


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