Day 1 Post - Terra's Biographical Write Up

by - Monday, January 23, 2012

Terra Harmony

“I admittedly always have trouble talking about myself – it feels awkward. I’ll start with something simple – my name. Several people have already commented on my author name. It is, in fact a pen name. Although my first name is truly ‘Terra’, meaning ‘Earth’, it is actually my middle name, not my last name that is ‘Harmony’ meaning ‘peace’. Put together my name means ‘Peace on Earth’. You guessed it – my parents were hippies. I have to say Terra Harmony was a much better choice than their original idea of ‘Moon Shadow’.”

“My series is more fantasy than anything else, but there is a larger message I want to convey. We don’t exactly have to be blessed with elemental powers to make a difference!”

Introducing Terra Harmony everyone! To read the entire post, please visit Ritesh’s blog and answer Terra’s question for a chance to get an extra entry in the giveaway! 

For in case you missed it, the giveaway is international and is open until 5 February 2012 - there are 10 copies of Water, book 1 in The Akasha Series up for grabs, so be sure to enter! : ENTRY FORM

Or visit Terra’s website for more information about her elemental series.

That's it guys, first day of the amazing blogging feature fun! See ya tomorrow for more exciting posts!

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