The Foxfire Chronicles : Shadows of Past Memories - Alexandra Lanc

by - Friday, January 06, 2012

"She couldn't do it. It wasn't possible. No matter what choice she made, she'd have something to face." 

IT starts on a cold night, before best friends Aura and Terren are to be separated forever. During a trip to the meadow, the girls are attacked by otherworldly creatures, and an evil plot begins to unfold... 

Terren: discovers she's not who she thought she was, and that she is being hunted by a monster more terrifying than her worst imaginings. 

Aura: is faced with a truth she's been trying to run from, lies she's been trying to keep hidden, and an old acquaintance that keeps coming back. 

Can the horrible truth be confronted, or will they be swallowed by the shadows of the past? 

The first book in the Foxfire Chronicles, Shadows of Past Memories is an introduction to an entirely new world, where nothing is as it seems, and everything has a meaning. 

A tale of friendship, unbreakable bonds, forgetting the past and moving on. SOPM is one hell of an adventure!

A gorgeously crafted story inspired by an accident and an imaginative dream, hence the Foxfire Chronicles was born!

Attracted by the unique title and cover, I was even more fascinated by the concept of the story. Combine Aliens and shape shifters and you will get Biryos (at least that was the closest comparison I could think of). I was impressed by the originality of the story, now I could add Biryo’s into my list of mythical creatures!

Fox-Me-Up! (Reasons why I love this book) : 

1. Shadows of Past Memories is definitely one of its kind. The concept of Biryos and Biryo D’s and their planet was a mixed of paranormal and sci-fi, I had certainly never come across such a book, it was intriguing and a refreshing change.

2. One of my favourite part of the story is the characters. Alexandra did a great job in bringing the characters to life that each one of them just sort of grow on you, it was hard to pick favourites!

3. Intense emotions portrayed by the characters. How am I supposed to ignore the intensity and ferocity of the connection between each character? And I am a softy for romance. I found myself to be often tongue-tied when I was reading about the romance!

4. Vivid description of the story, I was intimidated by Airian, the evil character in the story and my heart was racing throughout the fighting scenes! The writing was so good!

5. I was eager to unravel the mysteries of the story. Aura was a character with the most secrets, most of the time she was trying her best to hide her emotions and bury her past, however her past always catches up with her and I was intrigued to read about her reactions. And of course, Firo’s reaction.

I can’t wait for the next book to be released, I was quite saddened by the ending and looking forward to read more about the characters and a whole new world that I came to love, live and know.

You wouldn’t regret a second of it!

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