Water (The Akasha Series #1) - Terra Harmony

by - Friday, January 13, 2012

Water (Akasha Series #1) - Terra Harmony


All of the elemental powers are in the palm of her hand…and it won't be enough to save her. When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth. Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organization divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between her and Earth's survival.

Terra Harmony blew my brains into tiny bits, patched them back and blasted them with a shotgun, over and over again.

You wouldn't believe that Water was the author's debut novel. I was stunned by the amazingness of the story and even more by the writing. This might be one of the hardest review I ever written because I don't think my words could even cover an inch of my thoughts on this book, so for the heads up, I try to keep this review as professional as I could but do not be surprised if I had a sudden outburst and my sentences starts to seem more and more...enthusiastic.

Water was another first for me, I've read about elemental powers before in books such as House of Night and Vampire Academy, but never quite like this. The Elemental powers in the Akasha series existed for a reason, no it was not for self-defense nor for ritualistic purposes, but simply for balancing nature! (Wow, it surely went back to basis huh?) That was why I was inevitably attracted to the story because the story raised environmental awareness with style. I was also awed by the detailed description of every nature's pollution in the story, this proved two things:

1. The author did her homework, praises for the effort on researching!
2. Nothing but a touch of science and facts to make the book more interesting!

Besides the creative idea of having an organization The Seven with magic and elemental powers who helped in resolving Earth's environmental issues, a witty and strong female protagonist had definitely sealed the deal. Sarcasm was Kaitlyn's best suit and her sarcasm never failed to humour me. Kaitlyn reminded me of MacKayla from the Fever series and I enjoyed every moment reading from her POV. Kaitlyn was kidnapped and brought to The Seven headquarters reluctantly and there she learned the truth of her role as a Gaia. I adore Kaitlyn because she is such a strong, independent woman who knows how to crack a joke even at the most critical moment, she has the cool factor!

Another character I came to love is Micah, he's the kind of guy who you would want to lean to for comfort and protectiveness, and he has a sense of humour that could match Kaitlyn's. Shawn on the other hand had endured a tragic loss, and though he is the mean guy in the story, I couldn't help but think he will play a huge role in the upcoming books. And last but not least, the adorable Alex! He is what I called the clown or joker in the story, he makes the story more vibrant and carefree. What a sidekick.

This book captured my very interest, and I can't wait to read Air. The excerpt for the next book had certainly pumped up my adrenaline and make me ache to read about how the story unfolds.

One of the best books of the year!

(Note : Contains sex scenes, mild violence and whole lot of adrenaline pumping scenes!)

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  1. Great review, Nat! I love the cover of this book. :)


  2. Thanks Alexandra, it's such a great book!

  3. Great Review! Putting this one on my TBR list :)

  4. Thank you! It's such a great book:)

  5. I loved it too! Great book and characters! Looking forward to 'Air'!!

  6. Me too! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

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