Day 3 - Teaser of Air by Terra Harmony

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 “Calm down, dude. It’s just a standard inspection – nothing to worry about.” Alex coaxed the nervous, pacing staff member from across the room.

“There is nothing standard about it! They are searching for the same mark this one here has, but I don’t see her being forced to strip down.” He glared at me. 

I placed his face; he was on the medical team. Of course he knew my body inside and out. They all did.
Susan stepped to his side. “The women went first, she was already inspected.”

“Bullshit!” He reached underneath his shirt and produced a gun. It was cocked and pressed against Susan’s forehead before any of us could move. “Get on your knees. Arms up and out to the side.” 
Susan did as she was told, moving slowly, looking the part of a perfect sacrificial lamb. 

He glanced at me next. “What, no lightning strikes?”

I gritted my teeth. “Word travels fast.”

“That would be my fault.” Alex said, raising his hand in confession from across the room. I gave him the best accusatory glance I could muster. 

“Shut up! Everybody shut up!” His finger tightened slightly around the trigger. 
I looked at the only other man in the room for support, but he was more useless than any of us, huddled behind a large armchair.

I felt Micah just outside the door. 

Stop! I commanded. He has a gun to Susan’s head and an itchy trigger finger. Micah didn’t respond but neither did he enter.

Heat crawled up my neck. There was no way I could let Susan get hurt - again. My emotions fed the weather outside and more wind crept in along my weaves, following the already established path.
The gunman allowed a small smile to creep onto his face. “I was warned about you; about some kind of power that is a part of you; runs in your veins. But I don’t see it. I think there is nothing but fear there.”

“You have no idea what is coursing through my veins.” I was slowly stepping toward him as we spoke. 
A strong gust of wind made him step forward to keep balance. His face lost all its confidence, his eyes widening. “It doesn’t matter. I was also told to use this to bring you back to him.” He produced a knife, the athame Shawn used to scar me. “I wasn’t planning on doing it just yet but it looks like my plans have changed.” 

I was just within reach for him to scrape the point of the knife along my neckline. The sensation sent chills down my spine and Shawn’s smell, his taste, everything that was Shawn invaded my senses, overpowering them. I was too scared, too helpless to do anything but stand there and shake. 

My body froze, locked in a block of ice. Through blurred vision I could see the wind picking up dangerously inside the room. If it weren’t for the non-existent ice I would have been knocked over. A muted choking sound fought its way through the wind. I blinked the forming tears away and realized it was the gunman. Still managing to hold the knife and the gun, his mouth worked furiously trying to expel something that wouldn’t come up. As he slowly sank to his knees, Susan rose, chin lifted and eyes narrowed, concentrating on the man. She was drowning him; forcing the water particles carried in on my wind down his throat and into his lungs. 

Micah was screaming in my head. What happened? Talk to me! 
I tried to respond but only stutters and broken phrases were sent. Finally I managed to emit one clear word, come. 

Two blurred bodies appeared. One tackled Susan, taking her out of the gun’s sights. The other simultaneously tackled the gunman and both rolled away like tumbleweed in a windstorm. No longer at my neck, the knife dropped to the ground in front of me, and wavered slightly from the wind, giving it a life of its own. I couldn’t take my eyes away, mesmerized.

Once everyone got to their feet, several heads came into view. Their very outlines wavered. 

“What is wrong with her?” barked one voice. 

Another voice squeaked, “It’s the knife – hide it. Get it out of here!” 

An old, wrinkled pair of hands covered the knife with a towel, wrapping it tightly without touching it and moved it away. Immediately the ice around me burst into liquid and I collapsed to the floor in a splash of water.

Day 3 write up is up guys!! Today, I will be posting an excerpt from Air (Akasha #2), enjoy!!!!

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