Progeny of Innocence (Paradox #2) - Patti Roberts

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Progeny of Innocence (Paradox #2) - Patti Roberts
Published : Novermber 30th 2011

Two Worlds. One Ancient... still reeling from the ravages of War. A World where powerful Beings from Ancient Civilizations still rule. A Realm Where Gods, Angels, Myths and Magic still exists. And a New World... 

And somewhere trapped in between these two worlds, is Grace. A young girl searching for answers, happiness, love.... 

So when the charismatic Damon Draco begins to take an interest in her, it doesn’t take long before Grace falls for his alluring charm. A charm she doesn't quite understand. 

However, when Riley Rivers turns up in Grace's class one day, she starts to question the feelings she has for Damon. 

Then death comes knocking... again... and when three of Grace’s school friends are found burned to death, and their parents die in a fatal car accident that same weekend, some start to wonder if it really was just a coincidence, or a contrived plan to wipe out an entire family? 

And if so, why, and by whom? And more importantly, will evil strike again? 

You can bet your soul on it!

An original and beautifully written story, Progeny of Innocence took the term 'rebirth' and 'souls' to a whole new level!

It was a bit hard for me to get into the story because until this day, I was still a bit confused by the concept of both the New World and the Ancient World. However, the series never failed to awe me with it's creativity, originality and vividness. Patti Roberts has a way with words and it left me breathless. I've read many kinds of books, encountered many kinds of mythical creatures and nail biting scenes, but Progeny of Innocence left me with such a deep impression because the writing was detailed and sophisticated. Trust me, Patti could definitely describe 'YA gore' and 'Viciousness'.

If you liked The Angels are here, then you will love Progeny of Innocence. 

Grace is no longer an 8 year old girl who constantly grieves for her father and was going through a tough time, now she is a full grown teen who is haunted by visions that she herself could not comprehend and is completely unaware of her past and the dangers that she was about to face. I was introduced to a sweet, innocent Grace in The Angels Are Here and I fell in love with her almost immediately, but a teenage Grace was even more likable and easier to relate to.

I had always liked Grace for her good qualities, she was responsible, mature and independent, possessing the traits of a strong protagonist. However, it was a great change to see Grace transforms into an adolescent who is discovering love and most importantly, discovering herself. When Damon Draco 'barged' into her life, Grace finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, little did she know that they were actually lovers in the past and  that a long time ago, Damon made a promise to Juliette, the soul which was reborn into Grace's body. But Damon was bad news, and Angela was keen on keeping them apart.

I adore the characters in the story, actually, it was more of I adore the 'souls' in the stories. It seems that every character in the story was an reincarnation of an old soul, and each of them played a vital part in the story. Each character was distinct and unique it was such a fun to read about them! And the evil characters portrayed was evil enough you could actually shudder.

But my favourite part of the book was actually the fighting scenes. Do you know the books where the fighting scenes were so dull you wonder what was the point of even building up the climax? Well, Progeny of Innocence was quite the opposite. I was scrolling down the pages faster than I could remember when it comes to an adrenaline junkie scene. The description was so graphical and such a rush!

However, I was disappointed to see the lack of appearance of the characters that I have came to adore from the first book. Apart from Grace and Angela, I was hoping to see more of Kate and Wade, seemingly they had grown so much on me from the first book. But I guess the introduction of new characters made me ignore my dissatisfaction.

Thank you Patti for giving me an ARC of the book!

Progeny of Innocence exceeded my expectations, and the cliffhanger made me ache for the third book. I can't wait to see what Patti has in stores!

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