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Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to thank all of you for visiting my blog today and joining in the blog tour fun! Secondly, I want to extend my thanks to Alexandra and Firo for agreeing to be interviewed by me (an obvious groupie) and bear with my incessant questions.

Before we start, here's a brief blurb of the amazing Foxfire Chronicles :


"She couldn't do it. It wasn't possible. No matter what choice she made, she'd have something to face." 

IT starts on a cold night, before best friends Aura and Terren are to be separated forever. During a trip to the meadow, the girls are attacked by otherworldly creatures, and an evil plot begins to unfold... 

Terren: discovers she's not who she thought she was, and that she is being hunted by a monster more terrifying than her worst imaginings. 

Aura: is faced with a truth she's been trying to run from, lies she's been trying to keep hidden, and an old acquaintance that keeps coming back. 

Can the horrible truth be confronted, or will they be swallowed by the shadows of the past? 

The first book in the Foxfire Chronicles, Shadows of Past Memories is an introduction to an entirely new world, where nothing is as it seems, and everything has a meaning. 

You can also read my review here. 

And now........

Firo is part of Koren's group, and comes to help protect Terren from Airian. He is a moody, somewhat aloof character, though he seems to have taken a keen interest in Aura, and is constantly trying to figure out what she's hiding.

Interviewing Firo the Biryo

Nat fidgets excitedly as Firo walks in.....

Hello Firo, I am honoured by your presence! I'm sure it was quite an exhausting ride down to Earth, tell me, what do you think of our planet Earth? 

Your planet is interesting, though it’s also a bit hot compared to mine, due to the difference in climate. But, it does manage to have a nice landscape, and I enjoy seeing a variety of trees...and less chaos. Your world is similar to mine, so it reminds me of home a bit, though it’s also very different... 

I think I love Earth even more. But it was saddening that the climate changes so much these days because of global warming. ~sigh~

Just to let you know, you are my favourite character in the book, but it feels like I don't know much about you, can you tell me more about yourself? what's your favourite pastime? What do you eat? Biryo is a fascinating species to me. 

(frowns) Why those questions? Humans can be so...strange. I don’t really have a favorite pastime, because I’m usually busy, and I eat whatever is convenient at the moment -- though I do enjoy Arilayu (ah-ree-la-you), a traditional Biryo drink made with almond milk, vanilla, and honey. 

Ah, a random idea just popped up in my head. We could introduce Biryo Food to Earthlings! Arilayu sounds delicious. 

Alexandra called you obnoxious, but I find your obnoxious-ness to be entertaining, why do you grimaces and scowls so much? 

Another strange question. I suppose I have a lot on my mind...It must be hard for you to understand, since humans don’t live as long as we Biryos do. 

Hey Firo, do you have a surname? Biryo's names are long ~winks~ 

I have a few names, though my most commonly known name is Firo Lockart. Biryo names are a bit different than human names, and can be either extremely long or horribly short. 

Are you planning to stay on Earth permanently? Or at least visit us Earthlings soon? 

I’m not positive. It really depends on what happens from here on out. I would like to visit Earth again. (scowls) And of course, I’ll have to return for a certain someone, who didn’t happen to leave with me. 

Ah, the person who awaits for your return patiently....

If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would you change? Or would you even change anything at all? 

There is a lifetime of things I would change, but for something simple -- I would like to be a bit more knowledgeable about humans. Your race is fascinating, though a bit well as infuriating. This could be easily fixed with learning, but I’m not sure I have time for that. 

I am sure that one day you will have the time Firo! After all, you live longer than us!

What do you think about love?? Do you have an ideal type of girl? Do you envision yourself having a family, babies, cars, houses, okay okay, I am interrogating you! Bite me! 

(grimaces) I doubt you would taste good, and I’m not for eating humans -- I find it disgusting. And I don’t really care to answer your question, as it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me. 

Phew! At least now I know that Biryos are not maneaters, you'll be surprise how many zombies and monsters I came across who loves human flesh. 

And...Firo...are you in denial? Nat grins...

I love this question! I asked all my guy friends about it! Who's your favourite Disney princess?? 

What does this have to do with the interview? (glares) Are all humans so ridiculous? 

Pffttt....I am know as Queen of Randomland! Bummers, I was hoping you would answer that question...oh well....

Interviewing the Author 

Firo exited and Alexandra walked in. 

Hi Alexandra, thank you for having me:) Can you tell us more about your inspiration on writing Firo? 

Hello, Nat! I’m grateful to be here (as is Firo, who is simply being a usual). Firo’s character is actually a bit of a joke between one of my best friend’s and I. When I started writing Shadows of Past Memories (back when I didn’t plan on publishing it, and it was more of a solace for me), I created Firo to mirror a person that my friend finds infuriating, and then I mirrored Aura’s character after her. Of course now, after many edits and rewrites, Firo is nothing like he was originally, but I still smile at the thought of his original self, and I still tease my friend about it. 

That was actually the first time I heard about a character that was inspired by anger! No wonder Firo's such a pain, but  Firo-Frowns rock! 

From the author's note, you mentioned your favourite character was Cedren, can you elaborate more on that? 

Certainly! I think almost all authors have a specific character they like best, or that they enjoy writing most. For me, that character is Cedren. He is also very different than he was originally, but he’s the character I feel most connected with for some reason. He’s the character who will appear the most in the series too, which makes him extremely special to me, because he’s the character I’ll get to spend the most “time” with. 

I have to agree that Cedren was the most collected and calm character, and he was such a kind person. It's hard to not let Cedren affect you! I am certainly hoping to see more of him in your upcoming sequels! 

Airian's "brother", Cedren has also come seeking someone, though unlike Airian, it's not Terren that he wants. He wishes for Airian to fail in his quest. 

Thank you so much for having me, Nat! And that you to everyone for stopping by this post. I hope you all enjoy the book. 

Thank you Alexandra! 

So that wraps it up guys, thank you once again for dropping by my blog today, please do not hesitate to get your own copy of The Foxfire Chronicles : Shadows of Pasts Memories on Smashwords Amazon Createspace Barnes and Noble today and delve in the unique and mysterious world of Biryo and Biryo Ds. 

Alexandra is also the author of Clara Claus and Lyrics of the Heart.

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